Triplett takes over Pednet

Jan 11, 2013

The new executive director of Pednet has almost finished her first week on the job. Annette Triplett took over for departing director Ian Thomas on Monday.

Annette Triplett

Pednet is an organization that advocates for alternative modes of transportation. Triplett was a childhood nutrition expert with the University of Missouri Extension for 5 years before coming to Pednet. She says her experience in nutrition is easily parlayed into her new role at Pednet.

"Nutrition always has a physical activity component because you can’t really talk about energy in without also talking about energy out," said Triplett. "So all of our nutrition programs often have a physical activity component."

Triplett also said she’s been involved in alternative modes of transportation in her personal life.

"I am also very personally dedicated to active transportation. So walking and biking have been part of my life for many, many years now," said Triplett. "So it’s a personal commitment that I’m excited to be able to translate into a professional career."

Triplett said she will continue the plans for Pednet laid out by Ian Thomas. Thomas had been with the organization since it first began in 2000, but announced he was stepping down as director in September. Thomas has filed for the fourth ward seat of the Columbia City Council. He will face incumbent councilman Darryl Dudley in the April elections.