Truman State to consider adding sexual orientation to non-discrimination policy

Jun 19, 2012

Truman State University’s non-discrimination policy might be changed to include sexual orientation.

The Academic and Student Affairs committee of the Truman State Board of Governors has voted 2-1 to bring the issue of adding sexual orientation to the policy in front of the full Board. Truman State General Counsel Warren Wells says Truman State students and faculty governments have passed resolutions about the issue and want the Board of Governors to address it. Changes to other parts of the policy are also being considered. Wells says the language of the policy will be updated to make sure all of the policies follow the legal requirements.

“It’s just time to do some updating and look at it in terms of what people are doing now and how we can make our policy more clear and easier to understand and follow,” said Wells.

Non-discrimination policies based on sexual orientation are not required by federal or Missouri laws, but Wells says the policy would make sexual orientation a protected class by Truman State standards. The Board of Governors is expected to hear the idea and discuss the change at meeting on August 4.