Truman State student's Facebook profile used in Kirksville investigation

One Truman State University student was surprised when her private Facebook status went public.

By Joshua Teasley (Columbia, Mo.)

Kirksville’s Department of Public Safety made a house call earlier this month after a Facebook status a student wrote matched up with the rumor of a gun threat in the area. The status did not refer to an actual suspect, but rather relayed reports from earlier in the day.  Despite this example, Truman State Student Affairs member Nicholas Sutherland says he is confident about his privacy settings.

“I don’t think its ever happened to me, I don’t think it will happen per se but pretty much you have to be a friend to get any of my information so unless personally I know you, you’re not going to be able to get any of my personal information,” Sutherland said.

Even on an account with the highest privacy setting, the Department of Public Safety officials were able to track down and contact the student who posted the status in question an hour after it was posted.