Truman State students to review Nixon higher ed cuts

Truman State University administrators created a coalition to find ways to adjust to budget cuts earlier this month.  Now, the student member of the coalition, Ryan Nely is forming a similar coalition of all students.

By Lauren Richardson (Columbia, Mo.)

The coalition will have 12 or 13 anonymous members that will represent the many different groups at Truman, and Nely believes this group will allow him to bring honest student opinions to the administrations coalition.

“We want there to be basically complete trust around the table. We want everybody feel like they can say everything that’s on their mind, without having to worry about how it is going to be perceived by other people. You know if somebody needs to think externally, they can feel free to do that,” Nely said.

Nely is still seeking members to join the coalition, and they will form a student vision document summarizing student needs. The group will present its first round of input at the university meeting March 13th.