Truman State University Press keeps booking

May 31, 2012

Despite the announcement of the plan to close the University of Missouri Press, another university press in Missouri is resilient.

Editor in Chief of the Truman State University Press, Nancy Rediger says her press could actually use a bigger staff. Although Rediger has dealt with subsidy reductions she doesn’t see her press closing anytime soon.

“At this point I feel comfortable in our press and where we are at, the direction we are going. Certainly the economic situation is fluctuating a lot and the book publishing industry itself is fluctuating a lot,” Rediger said.

Rediger works close with the Truman State University Provost’s office to deal with subsidy reductions and fluctuations. In addition to money from the college the press covers its operating costs with grants. Truman State University Press also publishes e-books. Rediger says they are cheaper with little upfront costs. The University of Missouri had been subsidizing the University of Missouri Press with $400,000 annually in recent years.