UM Curator open to public input on university press

Jun 29, 2012

UM Board of Curators Chair David Bradley says he is open to public input about the University of Missouri Press.

Dozens of supporters of the UM Press showed up during a Board of Curator’s public meeting on Tuesday. Some stayed until the end, but never got a chance to make their comments. Bradley says although he wasn’t aware of the gathering until just before the meeting, he is open to public input in the future.

“Probably in the future, if an issue like this comes up, a group like this, we would like to have them give us a short presentation on the reasons for where they stand on issues like the University of Missouri Press. I think the Board of Curators would be glad to hear a short presentation from a few representatives,” Bradley said.

Bradley says he is just speaking for himself. There are nine members on the board and he’s not sure if all of them would agree to public comment on the press.