UM Curators want Lt. Britt suit dismissed

May 29, 2014

The University Village Apartments walkway collapse that killed Lt. Bruce Britt. (File photo)
Credit Miranda Metheny / KBIA

The University Of Missouri Board Of Curators has filed a claim regarding the lawsuit for the wrongful death of Lieutenant Bruce Britt.

The firefighter was killed in the February 22, 2014 collapse of the University Village apartments. The claim was filed on May 12, 2014 and says that the University is not at fault for the tragedy.

The response said the 'Firefighter's Rule' prevents this lawsuit from being valid. Missouri's Firefighter's Rule, "bars injured firefighters and police officers from recovering against individuals whose ordinary negligence created the situation that required the presence of the officer or firefighter." This means that because Britt was on the job and should have expected his life to be in danger on any call that was made, MU is not responsible for his death.

John Fougere, Chief Communications Officer for the Board of Curators, said they do not comment on pending or active litigation, so there is no comment on details or what the next step is for the Board of Curators.