UM students petition for voting power on Board of Curators

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) has started a letter writing campaign to give voting power to the single student representative on the UM Board of Curators.

By Emily Dismeier (Columbia, Mo.)

UMKC sophomore Amy Johnson was appointed as the student representative earlier this month and she says her position is taken very seriously by the rest of the board.

"Thus far I’ve had one official board meeting and all the curators have emphasized to me many times that at every opportunity I should share my voice and my input is very highly valued," Johnson said.

Johnson says she does not feel different than any other board member.

"I don’t think that a vote is necessary.  It might make the opinion a little more official.  However, at this time if the student curator presents an opinion, the curators are listening, they know that it’s the number one priority and I feel that even without a vote, they consider my opinion as golden as their's," Johnson said.

There are currently several pieces of legislation moving in the state Senate and the House of Representatives concerning the student curator’s right to vote on the board.