UM system hires risk management expertise on sexual assault and mental health issues

Apr 17, 2014

Credit Adam Procter / Flickr

The University of Missouri has announced it's hiring the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management to provide a third-party assessment of sexual assault and mental health resources on all four campuses. 

John Fougere, a spokesperson for the university system, says the group will provide expertise in a university effort to become a model safe campus. “We will make the changes necessary to ensure that the University of Missouri is a model in how we promote a safe campus and also how we serve individuals in our four campuses in terms of sexual assault or mental health needs. That’s our goal. It’s a priority and absolute priority for the University of Missouri.”

Fougere says the university plans to utilize the consultant's findings and recommendations to supplement the findings already provided by a recent independent counsel investigation into the case of Sasha Menu Courey, an MU swimmer who died by suicide after experiencing mental health problems and an alleged sexual assault during her time at MU.

The sexual assault is being investigated by the Columbia Police Department.