Unclaimed Property Website Goes Live

Boone County currently holds unclaimed property totaling more than $50,000.  County Treasurer Nicole Galloway announced Tuesday a new website where residents can now search and find unclaimed property they are owed. The website, ShowMeBoone.com/Treasurer, makes Boone County the first one in Missouri to implement such a tool for its residents. 

By Robert Partyka

While the website is only a week old, Galloway says some people have already taken advantage of the online database to search property that belongs to them. All of these claims have been in the form of unclaimed checks. Galloway says a website is the most convenient way for people to find if they have unclaimed property.

“With putting it on the website its and innovate way for folks to search 24 hours a day seven days a week because the database is always updating," Galloway said. "There is always new unclaimed property that comes into our database."

But the process is not entirely electronic. After it finds the unclaimed property, the site prompts the user to print out a form with most of the information needed to submit a claim. The form will then need to be signed and notarized before submission.

Missouri Director of Unclaimed Property Scott Harper says he applauds Boone county for going the extra mile in returning property to its residents.

“You know, doing that proactive work to try and turn that unclaimed property over to individuals, earlier, is a great thing," Harper said.

Harper also said he thinks it won’t be long for other counties in Missouri to follow suit.