Under the Microscope: hog virus, frac sand mine threats

Mar 13, 2014

Illinois hog farmer Phil Borgic says the PED virus killed many of his piglets. The virus is expected to cut pork supplies this year.
Credit Peter Gray / Harvest Public Media

For nearly a year now, hog farmers have been battling a virus. It’s deadly to newly born piglets and farmers are scrambling to protect their herds. With fewer pigs comes less pork. Harvest Public Media’s Amy Mayer reports.

For the past few years, frac sand mines in the Midwest have been popping up right alongside hydraulic fracturing operations, or fracking. Frac sand is sold to oil and gas companies to use to prop open cracks made by drilling. It allows the collection of oil and gas. But as KBIA’s Kristofor Husted reports, an uproar of opposition based on health concerns is spreading down through the region into Missouri.