Under the Microscope: Secret life of plants; changing dominant hands

Apr 17, 2014

Jack Schultz, director of the Bond Life Sciences Center at MU, leads a discussion on the “Thoughts of Plants.”
Credit Marissane Lewis-Stump / KBIA

When we think of plants, intelligence is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. But maybe plants are more than a decorative feature to our dining room table.

KBIA’s Marissanne Lewis-Thompson checked in with a monthly science conversation series in Columbia. This month’s topic: the secret lives of plants.

University of Missouri researchers are starting to uncover details about how the brain adapts to the loss or impairment of an individual's dominant hand. Dr. Scott Frey (FRY) with MU's Department of Psychological Sciences has been working with amputation and stroke patients and his research may hold the secret to training the brain and the body to use a non-dominant hand. Frey recently sat down with KBIA's Jacob Jones.