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8:29 am
Thu September 29, 2011

Under the Microscope: September 29, 2011

This week, we look at a video-game accessory that could prevent injuries among the elderly. Plus, Columbia College is getting a new science building.

Hosted by Kyle Deas.

The Kinect is a motion-sensing add-on to Microsoft’s popular Xbox video game console. When the Kinect was released last year, gamers around the world immediately recognized that it could allow for a novel, more aerobic style of gameplay.

But one MU researcher recognized a less obvious use for the device that could have major implications for the medical community.

KBIA’s Carah Hart has this story.

Plus: Columbia College has embarked on a major initiative to upgrade its aging science facilities. The school plans to build a brand new building to house expanded labs and classrooms.

KBIA’s Ryan Schmidt sat down with Frank Somer, the head of the science department, to talk about the science initiative.

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