Under the Microscope: September 9, 2010


MU Psychology professor Kennon Sheldon is the happiness guru, and talks about the keys to happiness. Also, “Call of the Wild,” a weekly segment featuring Missouri animals, debuts with a dove hunting trip.

Hosted by Rebecca Wolfson


First, the keys to happiness.  Psychology professor Kennon Sheldon spoke in MU’s Jesse Hall last week. Wolfson later sat down with the happiness guru, and asked him how can you measure and research happiness?

So what are the keys to happiness? Sheldon says in order to be happy people should manage their lives so they feel autonomous, competent and connected.


Also, the debut of “Call of the Wild”- Under the Microscope’s weekly segment on Missouri’s animals. Each week, we bring you the sounds and stories of different animals in Missouri. From mammals with bizarre talents, to bugs we can’t live without.

This week, KBIA’s Sarah Ashworth went Dove Hunting.