Under the Microscope: Smart911 and Railways to Trails

Aug 21, 2014

  On this week's Under the Microscope, we take a look at Smart 911, an emergency service allowing 911 operators to obtain vital information for callers, and Missouri's plans to make old railways into trails. 

911 operators and emergency paramedics sometimes have a hard time locating and finding out about 

Credit Creative Commons / Flickr

  a caller at the time of an emergency. Often times, nothing is known about the caller because they are unable to speak for themselves.  One service that came to Boone County in 2011 has helped first responders with these problems. 

The Rails to Trails Conservancy has placed a bid on the Rock island Corridor on behalf of local and state organizations with plans for a large scale rail to trail project. KBIA’s Brandon Kiley took a look into what this project could mean for Missouri. 

Credit Missouri Department of Tourism / flickr