Under the Microscope: stopping cancer and hunting app

Oct 2, 2014

On this week's Under the Microscope, we are looking into cancer research and a new hunting technology. 

University of Missouri researchers in the college of veterinary medicine released research last week about a type of molecule that works as a communicator to certain bacteria. These bacteria can be told to stop cancer from spreading and even kill it. I sat down with researcher Senthil Kumar, to learn more.  

Credit Amylovesyah / Flickr

If you are a hunter in Missouri, you may need to bring a piece of high tech gear on your next trip: your smartphone. Last week, the Missouri Department of Conservation released a hunting application. It lets hunters report their yield and more right from their phones. KBIA’s Jack Howard has more on what this killer app means for conservationists.  

Credit File Photo / KBIA