Unemployment decrease leads to end of benefits program

Apr 10, 2012

A decrease in the percent of Missourians who are unemployed has led to the cancellation of the extended benefits unemployment program.

Missouri’s unemployment rate is 7.4 percent, about 2 percent lower than 2009. Missouri’s lower rate no longer meets the federal percentage requirement to continue the program. The Missouri Department of Labor says this will affect 9,000 of the 112,000 Missourians on unemployment. Major Kendall Mathews of the Central Missouri Salvation Army expects an increase in the amount of people in need in Mid-Missouri.

“If people lose that resource and they have a hard time finding employment. Then they’re going to need basic needs. We see the potential for our numbers increasing because these benefits have been cancelled,” Mathews said.

The extended benefits program officially ended on April 7th and those relying on the program are not able to receive further payments regardless of their claim balances.