University of Missouri to introduce new employee health care option

Jun 26, 2014

Credit nomadsoul1 / dreamstime

A University of Missouri task force is finalizing the details of a new health care option that will be available to university employees in the Columbia area. The new option will be offered in 2015.

UM System Spokesperson John Fougere said the new option will have lower premium rates, deductibles, and co-pays than the two options currently available for employees. With the new plan, employees will be limited to medical care within the MU Health Care system.

“Our goal is to provide our employees with affordable medical plan options, while learning from new models of care,” said Fougere. “We are able to do that because we have, as I said before, our own medical center within our organization that’s nationally renowned for its quality care and medical research.”

Executive Faculty Council Member Kattesh Katti said he is happy with the steps the University is taking to improve employee health care. He said in the 25 years he has been at the University premium rates have continued going up, and stressed the importance of finding more affordable ways for employees to get adequate coverage.

He said the idea of having to stay within the MU Health System should not be a problem if people are receiving the care they need.

“If the university doctors are offering state-of-the-art health care to our employees, there is no reason why you should go out,” said Katti.