University of Missouri police offering self-defense lessons this spring

Mar 2, 2012

The University of Missouri Police Department is offering lessons over the next three months on how to respond to an armed threat.

The first presentation discusses how to escape or subdue an attacker, and is followed by a training exercise. MU Police Sergeant April Colvin is one of the instructors giving the lessons. She says it is important to always be prepared for any threat.

“Really, we train for fires and we train for tornadoes, but what are the chances that we are all going to be in a building that catches fire?" said Colvin, "Yet we train for that. You have to be prepared whether you think it’s going to happen or not.”

There is a maximum enrollment of 25 students for each lesson, and sign up is available on the MU Police website. The first four-hour presentation will start on March 22nd at 5:30p.m.