University of Missouri Students Arrested for Anti-Semitic Harassing

Mar 1, 2017

Credit Adam Procter / Flickr

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley at the University of Missouri campus in Columbia says two students have been arrested for allegedly harassing another student with anti-Semitic comments.

Chancellor Foley didn't publicly identify the students in his statement on Tuesday. He says the matter is in the hands of the Boone County prosecutor.

Maj. Brian Weimer of the campus police department says officers dispatched to McDavid Hall Monday night and took a statement from the student who alleged the harassment by oral comments and written messages. Weimer says a freshman and a sophomore were arrested.

The content of the comments and notes wasn't released.

Foley calls such behavior "abhorrent and antithetical to our core value of respect, and it won't be tolerated."