Views of the News: The Boston Bombing

Apr 24, 2013

ChartGirl graphic of media performance on Boston bombing story

Hillary Sargent, "Covering the Coverage"

Slightly Less Gruesome

Boston Bombing leg wound Photoshopped by New York Daily News
Credit John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe; Charles Apple, Orange County Register

Joe Pompeo, Capital New York: "'Daily News' doctored front-page photo from Boston bombing"

Liz Klimas, The Blaze: "'New York Daily News' Criticized for Doctoring Photo of Bombing Victim's Gruesome Leg Wound -- Should They Be?"

The Arrest That Wasn't

Amy Hunter, WTOP: "CNN's King says mistakes last week were 'embarrassing'"

Erik Hayden, The Hollywood Reporter: "CNN's John King: 'What I Am Not Is Racist'"

Farhad Manjoo, Slate: "Breaking News is Broken: Don't watch cable news.  Shut off Twitter.  You'd be better off cleaning your gutters."

Bill Mears, Chris Cuomo and Ed Payne, CNN: "Former ricin suspect happy with vindication as probe continues"

Lisa Richwine, Reuters: "Despite error, CNN gets ratings boost from Boston bombing, trails Fox"

Alex Weprin, TV Newser: "Digital Ratings: Boston Bombing Sets Records for TV News Websites"

"Bag Men"

New York Post's 'Bag Men' front page
Credit New York Post

Katherine Fung and Jack Mirkinson, The Huffington Post: "New York Post's Boston 'Bag Men' Front Page Called "A New Low,' 'Appalling'"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "Rupert Murdoch defends the New York Post"

Erik Wemple, The Washington Post: "Young men, please sue the New York Post"

The Reddit "Witch Hunt"

Andrea Chang, The Lost Angeles Times: "Reddit apologizes for fueling Boston bombings online witch hunts"

Kate Pickert and Adam Sorensen, Time: "Inside Reddit's Hunt for the Boston Bombers"

Matthew Ingram, paidContent: "Three things that Reddit did right during the Boston bombings and why that matters"

The Boston Lockdown and Media Frenzy

Scott Atran, Foreign Policy: "Black and White and Red All Over: How the hyperkinetic media is breeding a new generation of terrorists"

Fintan O'Toole, The Irish Times: "Boston lockdown was  triumph for the demented rationale of terrorism"

Adam Geller, AP: "Photos force suspects' move, breaking bombing case"

"Militant Islam" -- A Question of Balance

Josh Voorhees, Slate: "How the Tsarnaev Brothers Learned to Make Their Bombs"

Michael Cooper, Michael S. Schmidt and Eric Schmitt, The New York Times: "Boston Suspects Are Seen as Self-Taught and Fueled by Web"

Lisa Wangsness and Brian Ballou, The Boston Globe: "Islam might have had secondary role in Boston attacks"

The AP Twitter Hack

Samantha Murphy, Mashable: "AP Twitter Hack Falsely Claims Explosions at White House"

Sarah Perez, TechCrunch: "AP Twitter Hack Preceded by a Phishing Attempt, News Org Says"

Byron Acohido, USA TODAY: "First Take: AP Twitter hack was trivial"

Moving Forward

John Dickerson, Slate: "Why We Should Judge Breaking News Like Baseball"

Jay Sekulow, Fox News: "Boston Marathon bombing lesson: political correctness kills"

Gwen Ifill interview, PBS Newshour: "Boston Marathon Bombings Stir Up Questions, Lesson for Public Safety Protocol"