Views of the News: Navy Yard shooting, BuzzFeed does it wrong, independence vs. transparency

Sep 17, 2013

Navy Yard Shooting: Media Behaviors

Will Oremus, Slate: “NBC, CBS remind us you don’t have to be on Reddit or Twitter to misidentify a mass killer

Tom Scocca, Gawker: “Next time, just ignore the breaking news

Craig Silverman, Poynter: “This is my story about breaking news errors that just happened

Andrew Beaujon, Poynter: “AP pulls two Navy Yard photos it can’t verify

Andrew Beaujon, Poynter: “D.C. TV station quotes scanner during Navy Yard coverage

BuzzFeed Does It Wrong

Dan Catt, Slate: “10 good reasons BuzzFeed is going to pay my invoice for copyright theft

Gabby Noone, BuzzFeed: “18 everyday products you’ve been using wrong

Independence vs. Transparency

Tom Rosenstiel, Poynter: “Why ‘be transparent’ has replaced ‘act independently’ as a guiding journalism principle

Credit via Twitter

Twitter: Going Public

Preeti Upadhayaya, Silicon Valley Business Journal: “Twitter announces IPO

Michael J. De La Merced and David Gelles, New York Times: "Looking to Twitter to reignite tech IPOs

Marcus Wohlsen, Wired: “Why a killer Twitter IPO could end up killing Twitter

John Shinal, USA Today: “140 reasons to worry about Twitter IPO

Buyout offers coming at NPR

Mark Memmott, NPR: “NPR to offer voluntary buyouts in bid to balance budget

Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “NPR names new chief, announces buyouts

Paul Farhi, Washington Post: “NPR to offer employee buyouts

Paul Farhi, Washington Post: “NPR’s new headquarters refuels funding debate

Equality: Is it possible?

The New York Times: "The Great Divide"

Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times: “Can government actually do anything about inequality?"

Katrina vanden Heuvel, “From ‘Inequality for All,’ a challenge for America