Views of the News: Remembering Lt. Bruce Britt, inspecting MU buildings

Feb 25, 2014

Credit Columbia Fire Department

Lt. Bruce Britt is only the second member of the Columbia Fire Department to die in the line of duty.  Britt succumbed to injuries sustained early Saturday morning while responding to a structural collapse at University Village apartments.  The complex is run my MU's Department of Residential Life.

And, as a community prepares to say goodbye, the university is trying to determine what caused a concrete walkway to collapse -- and is working to prevent another incident.    

Alan Burdziak, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Investigation into Columbia fireman's death continues"

Joe Guszkowski & Mitch Sawyer, Columbia Missourian: "In wake of deadly collapse, community mourns firefighter"

KOMU Video: "Complete firefighter death news conference"

Brad Wilmot, Columbia Missourian: "FROM READERS: Listen to scanner traffic from University Village walkway collapse"

Heather Horrigan, KMIZ: "University of Missouri still do not know when University Villiage was inspected"

KMIZ: "University of Missouri says it uses same business codes as the city"

Covering international street violence

There has been a lot of coverage in the past week of the deadly riots in Ukraine.  Crowds there filled Independence Square, fighting with police and driving out President Victor Yanukovich.  There has been street violence -- just as severe -- in Venezuela.  Citizens there say the government is corrupt and are demonstrating against shortages of basic goods, high inflation and high crime levels. But, word's been much slower coming out of Caracus.

Mariano Castillo, CNN: "Sorting fact from fiction in Venezuela"

Natalie Kitroeff, New York Times: "Venezuela battles media, social and otherwise, to restrict protest coverage"

The Telegraph: "Venezuelan president blames the media for 'broadcasting hate'"

Francisco Toro, Caracas Chronicles: "The game changes in Venezuela last night -- and the international media is asleep at the wheel"

Committee to Protect Journalists: "Journalists under fire covering protests in Venezuela"

Sandra Oshira, Poynter: "CNN told it could stay after Venezuela orders it out of the country"

Frank Bajak and Vivial Sequera, AP: "Internet a crucial battleground for Venezuela"

Michael Solis, Huffington Post: "Venezuelans unite from street to cyberspace"

Credit walknboston / Flickr

New DOJ records rules

The Justice Department announced a change in its rules for obtaining records from the news media in leak investigations.  Now, it promises to notify news organizations beforehand of its intention to do so.  The change is designed to give them an opportunity to challenge law enforcement subpoenas or warrants in federal court.

Andrew Beaujon, Poynter: “DOJ releases new rules about obtaining media orgs’ records

Pete Yost, Associated Press: “Justice department revises its media records rules

Charlie Savage, New York Times: “Attorney General signs new rules to limit access to journalists’ records

Kimmel's latest video hoax

Wait, what is that outside of Kate Hansen's Sochi hotel room?

Fox News: “Jimmy Kimmel got us again – ‘Wolf in the hall’ a Kimmel Hoax

Nate Scott, USA Today: “U.S. luge star Kate Hansen and Jimmy Kimmel reveal how they pulled off Sochi wolf hoax

David Bauder, AP: “Kimmel’s Wolf Hoax: ABC News knew ahead of time

Pulling the plug on 'Piers Morgan Live'

CNN has announced that it is canceling the primetime program, "Piers Morgan Live" after three years, citing consistently low ratings.

James Poniewozik, Time: “Why did Piers Morgan get cancelled? Pick a reason

David Carr, New York Times: “Piers Morgan and CNN plan to end his prime-time show

Ted Thornhill, Daily Mail: “CNN axes Piers Morgan Live with final show due to air next month as British presenter admits Americans ‘tired of hearing me bang on about gun control’

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Piers Morgan’s demise at CNN: Inevitable

Fifteen minutes up for The Donald?

Are Donald Trump's fifteen minutes of fame coming to an end? The real estate mogul turned reality television star turned political dabbler is taking issue with a profile in BuzzFeed.

McKay Coppins, Buzzfeed: “36 hours on the fake campaign trail with Donald Trump

Dylan Byers, Politico: “Fired Donald Trump aide thought BuzzFeed profile was ‘fantastic’

David Weigel, Slate: “A user’s guide to the Donald Trump meltdown

Betsy Rothstein, Daily Caller: “How BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins landed the Donald Trump profile

Mathew Boyle, Breitbart: “Exclusive – Trump: ‘Scumbag’ BuzzFeed Blogger ogled women while he ate bison at my resort

Free Amtrak rides for writers

Amtrak is starting a new pilot program, offering writers free round trips on its trains when the passenger commits to using the trip for writing.  After New York City-based writer Jessica Gross took a test-run of the residency program, Amtrak confirmed it would offer the program permanently.

Ben Cosman, The Wire: “Inside Amtrak’s (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to Writers

Al Tompkins, Poynter: “Journalists should pass on free Amtrak tickets