Views of the News: Thawing after the polar vortex

Jan 8, 2014

We're already seeing a rise in air temperatures after this week's deep freeze.  How well did the local and national media cover the weather event? 

Stu Ostro, Jon Erdman, Nick Wiltgen, The Weather Channel: "Deep Freeze: Was the polar vortex really the cause"

Jordan Herr, KOMU: "Bitter cold brings danger of frostbite"

Heather Hourigan, KMIZ: "Slow plows struggle in cold temperatures"

Kavita Kumar, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Don't try this at home: 2 kids in St. Louis hurt trying cold-weather experiment"

Daily Mail: "Don't try this at home! Epidemic of cold-snap burns as dozens discover throwing boiling water into freezing air isn't as it sounds"

Rodman's return to North Korea

Is the former Chicago Bull's "basketball diplomacy" act wearing thin?

Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor: "Dennis Rodman in North Korea: Has he gone too far?"

ESPN: "Dennis Rodman calls game 'historic'"

Lucy McCalmont, Politico: "Dennis Rodman yells at CNN's Chris Cuomo"

Rick Telander, Chicago Sun-Times: "Dennis Rodman's global 'worming' with Kim Jong-Un is bad news"

Credit Massoud Hossaini / AP Images

Pushing the limits with drones

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved six sites for the testing of unmanned aircraft.  Journalism programs that use drones for newsgathering in the United States remain grounded -- or do they?

Bart Jansen, USA Today: "FAA names 6 sites for testing drones"

Kelsey D. Atherton, Popular Science: "Inside one of the FAA's new drone test sites"

VIDEO: Spokesman-Review: "Polar Bear Plunge 2013"

Jeremy Barr, Poynter: "Photographer says Spokesman-Review's drone-shot video occurred in 'gray area'"

Jeremy Barr, Poynter: "FAA on drone recordings by journalists: 'There is no gray area'"

Congressman outed as gay by journalist on Facebook?

Huffington Post: "Aaron Schock outed as gay by Itay Hod, journalist, on Facebook?"

Queerty: "Noted journalist Itay Hod pretty much just outed homophobic GOP Rep. Aaron Schock"

Steve Rothaus, Miami Herald: "Former CBS Logo journalist reportedly outs anti-gay U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Illinois, in Facebook post"

Itay Hod's Facebook Post

NBC prepares for the worst in Sochi

Alex Weprin, Capital New York: "NBC, prepared for the worst at Sochi"

Marisa Guthrie, Hollywood Reporter: "Sochi Olympics: NBC reveals strategy on terror threat, anti-gay uproar"

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: "Bob Costas says NBC's Olympics broadcast won't ignore Russia's anti-gay laws"

'Saturday Night Live' brings on a new cast member

Prachi Gupta, Salon: "Don Lemon: New 'SNL' cast member needs to be a 'lot funnier than she is black'"

Soraya Nadia McDonald, Washington Post: "Sasheer Zamata joins cast of 'SNL'"