Views Preview: Why reporters are leaving Ferguson, claims of racism in editorial cartoon

Aug 26, 2014

Credit Courtesy Columbia Daily Tribune

This editorial cartoon, published in the August 20, 2014 edition of the Columbia Daily Tribune drew cries of racism from readers who worry the imagery paints Missouri as a "racist and backwater region."

Managing Editor Jim Robertson said he thought it was provocative, but its intent was not racism.

David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement: “Missouri paper under fire for publishing racist cartoon about Ferguson demonstrators

John Evelev, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Open column: Paper disappoints with racist cartoon

Jim Romenesko: “Missouri editor’s take on cartoon: ‘Provocative, yes. Racist? Certainly not in intent’

Michael Brown is 'no angel'

Deep in the fifth paragraph of a New York Times profile of Michael Brown said the 18-year-old killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri was "no angel." It described scuffles with neighbors, experimental drug and alcohol use and writing rap lyrics that were sometimes vulgar. 

Did the language impugn the dead teen's character through its characterization?

John Eligon, New York Times: “Michael Brown spent last weeks grappling with problems and promise

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “New York Times defends Michael Brown Jr. ‘no angel’ characterization

Christopher Massie, Columbia Journalism Review: “The New York Times criticized for Michael Brown profile

Kia Makarechi, Vanity Fair: “Besides Michael Brown, whom else does the New York Times call ‘no angel?’

Tom Kludt, Talking Points Memo: “New York Times catching hell for saying Michael Brown was ‘no angel’

Margaret Sullivan, New York Times: “An ill-chosen phrase, ‘no angel,’ brings a storm of protest

Collaborations to Cover Ferguson

An unlikely partnership has formed between the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and The Guardian to collaborate on future reporting on local and global issues related to racial inequality.

Joseph Lichterman, Nieman Journalism Lab: “The Guardian and St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial pages are teaming up for Ferguson coverage

Mariah Stewart
Credit Courtesy Beacon Reader

Huffington Post’s Ferguson Fellow

Mariah Stewart is joining the Huffington Post as a one-year Ferguson Fellow.  Her reporting will reportedly focus on how police in St. Louis County obtained military-grade equipment and efforts to reform the law enforcement community.

Stewart's fellowship is being funded through crowdsourcing in conjunction with the Beacon Reader.

Natasha Bach, Huffington Post: "Meet Ferguson fellow Mariah Stewart"

Matt Buchanan, The Awl: “Journalism funded

Simon Dumenco, Advertising Age: “Should HuffPo also crowdfun its ‘Nip Slip’ coverage?

Luke O’Neil, Bullett: “The Huffington Post wants readers to crowdfund reporter’s salary, can go F themselves

Mathew Ingram, Gigom: “Why it’s smart of the HuffPo to partner with Beacon Reader in crowdfunding reporter

Benjamin Mullin, Poynter: “HuffPost’s Ferguson Fellow: ‘This is huge for me’

Ryan Schuessler
Credit Image via Twitter

Reporters Leaving Ferguson

Al Jazeera freelancer, and former KBIA contributor Ryan Schuessler spent more than ten days covering the story as it unfolded in Ferguson. Late last week he said he'd seen enough, and he had to leave -- for now.

Ryan Schuessler: “I will not be returning to Ferguson

Ruella Rouf, KMOV: “Journalist covering Ferguson appalled by behavior of media

Betsy Rothstein, Daily Caller: “Al Jazeera contributor disgusted by media behavior in Ferguson

J.K. Trotter, Gawker: “Who are these media a**holes in Ferguson?

Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington Post: “From Ferguson to Syria, what happens when journalists become the story

Calling it quits over comments

A Jonesboro, Arkansas police reporter has quit her job at the Jonesboro Sun after the city's police chief used Facebook comments to threaten her over reporting she'd done on his unapproved part-time job.

Max Brantley, Arkansas Times: “Jonesboro Sun reporter quits over tension with city police chief; his Facebook comments a factor

Jim Romenesko: “Jonesboro Sun reporter resigns over vicious Facebook attacks by police chief

Veronica Smith, KAIT-TV: “Jonesboro police chief resigns

Cuts at CNN

Time Warner offered buyouts to between 500 and 600 staffers at CNN, HLN, TNT and TBS.  A series of departmental restructuring could mean layoffs might follow. It was how CNN President Jeff Zucker announced the cuts that softened the blow.

Jon Lafayette, Multichannel News: “Buyouts coming for 500 staffers at Turner

Matt Kempner & J. Scott Trubey, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “CNN chief: News operation will do less with less

Jordan Chariton, TVNewser: “Jeff Zucker: ‘We are going to do less and have to do it with less’

Rem Reider, USA Today: “Refreshing straight talk about news cutbacks

ESPN's Shower Report

This weekend, St. Louis Rams rookie Michael Sam made made headlines for tackling Johnny Manziel in a pre-season match up against the Cleveland Browns.  Somehow, the story changed to how and when Sam showers in the Rams locker room.

James Dator, SBNation: “ESPN reports on who has showered with Michael Sam

Cindy Boren, Washington Post: “ESPN is reporting on Michael Sam’s showering habits now

Eric Wilbur, “Michael Sam has been taking showers, and ESPN is on it

Travis Waldron, Think Progress: "Rams' Chris Long tweets perfect response to report on Michael Sam's showers"

Facebook’s “satire” tag

Why is it smart people keep falling for fake news? Facebook is taking a step to help protect the gullible, labeling satirical materials.

Melissa Dahl, New York Magazine: “Why Facebook’s ‘satire’ tag is necessary, and why smart people fall for fake news

Suzi Parker, Washington Post: "Sarah Palin tries to stay relevant" (2013 example)