Volunteers to help clean up Columbia

Apr 13, 2012

Columbia is receiving a cleanup this weekend as hundreds of volunteers pick up trash.

The Cleanup Columbia event is scheduled to start at ten Saturday morning. Program Assistant Lisa Rohmiller says this annual event encourages local residents to work together to help make the Columbia community look better.

“The awesome thing about this event is that it is a bunch of people who get together all on the same day," said Rohmiller. "I don’t think many individuals put in more than a few hours on this particular morning. However, there is an immediate impact. As you drive around town you will realize, ‘Wow, these streets are cleaner.’”

Rohmiller says there are already eighteen-hundred volunteers signed up for the event, but she encourages anyone who wants to participate to come to Rock Quarry Park on Saturday morning at nine. Rohmiller also hopes this event will discourage littering in the Columbia area.