Warm winter temperatures lead to MoDOT maintenance

Apr 19, 2012

Warm temperatures this winter and spring have the Missouri Department of Transportation painting and repairing the roads it was plowing all winter last year.

James Williams is the Department of Transportation’s Maintenance Supervisor in Boone County. He says mild weather has let the department get a head start on its spring maintenance work.

He says the department has started sealing and patching roads earlier than usual.

“We’re working on Route A down there going into Hartsburg. We’re patching on that road now; hoping to get that ready before June comes,” Williams said.

Williams says fewer roads had potholes this winter because the freezing and thawing cycle in mid-Missouri was less extreme this year.

He says when potholes did appear, maintenance crews headed out to repair them right away.

Williams says the Department of Transportation has had to spend less on road salt this year as well. He says the department is using those savings to patch and seal roads that need repairs.