Westminster College branches out to Arizona

Sep 6, 2012

Fulton’s Westminster College has received license approval from Arizona to open a campus in the state’s third largest city of Mesa.  President Barney Forsythe says that after the city of Mesa completed its marketing study research, researchers found that there was an under representation of private residential higher education in Arizona. 

Forsythe says that the school’s intent is to hire mostly locally in the Mesa and Phoenix area for the new campus.

“The expectation is that faculty and staff will predominately be from the Mesa and Phoenix area, although the campus dean there is actually coming from Fulton," Forsythe says. "We may have a small handful of folks from the Fulton campus who will go there, but our intent is to hire locally.”

The city of Mesa is establishing four new schools, which will be part of an effort to bring private higher education to the greater Phoenix area.