Westminster partners with Arizona online grad school

Jul 3, 2014

Credit The History Faculty / Flickr

Westminster College in Fulton can now offer its alumni and faculty advanced degree programs. The college announced a new partnership with Arizona-based online graduate school Northcentral University this week. The partnership is expected to provide a "preferred tuition rate" for Westminster students, faculty, and staff for the programs Northcentral offers.

Westminster’s Associate Dean of Faculty Dr. David Jones said the programs Northcentral offers will greatly benefit Westminster alumni, and can also offer current faculty members the opportunity to further their education for those pursuing advanced degrees.

Jones said Northcentral was the obvious choice for partnership.

“For students that are looking for more advanced education and are looking for an online provider for that, Northcentral is a great organization to work with for those kinds of things,” Jones said.

The Director of Communications for Northcentral Alanna Vitucci also thinks Westminster will benefit from this partnership. She said Northcentral’s online programs will enable Westminster’s alumni, faculty, and staff the opportunity to obtain their master’s and doctoral degrees, and post-baccalaureate and post-master’s certificates in the business administration, education, psychology and therapy fields.

The partnership between the colleges mostly benefits Westminster students, but Jones said staff members from the two universities plan to meet in September to discuss more academic possibilities and to explore future collaborative possibilities.