What's in your food?

Feb 16, 2012


On this week’s show, we’ll explore what's in our food, and hear from the director of a documentary that looks at the difficult choices involved with legalized, physician assisted suicide.

Getting a definitive answer on food industry claims, like ‘natural,’ or ‘fresh,’ might mean pouring over pages of advice from government agencies or checking out consumer advocate websites. But as Harvest Public Media’s Jessica Naudziunas reports, what goes into food sometimes can be difficult to interpret.

And, The film How to Die in Oregon, follows several people as they undertake the difficult decision to end their lives under the state’s controversial Death with Dignity Act. The law allows physicians to  prescribe, but not administer a lethal dose of medication for terminally ill patients. We spoke to the film’s director Peter Richardson when he visited Columbia earlier this year. He began by discussing the Death with Dignity Act.