Who would be a better President for farmers?

Sep 19, 2012

This week, Harvest Public Media has a report from a surrogate debate, where each side tried to prove their candidate is best for agriculture. Plus, commentator Terry Smith talks about two political-types, one from each party, that could both have a major impact on the presidential race this year.

Last week in Des Moines, Iowa, ag leaders from across the country came together for a “Presidential Forum on Agriculture - which featured Midwestern leaders standing in for presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in a 90-minute surrogate debate. The ultimate question on the table: Which presidential candidate is best for farmers? As Sandhya Dirks reports for Harvest Public Media, how well the candidates make their case -- in person or via their supporters -- could help decide the November election--

Now, we’ll hear again fromTerry Smith, Executive Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs at Columbia College, and a regular contributor to Talking Politics.

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