YEZ adding entrepreneurship aspect to program

Sep 13, 2013

Youth Empowerment Zone is scheduled to have its first annual fashion show on September 23. YEZ is a program that focuses on teaching life skills needed to be successful in the business world. The fashion show will help distinguish what is and what is not appropriate for young adults to wear to a job interview. YEZ Director Lorenzo Lawson says that appearance is an important aspect of the interview process.

“We teach that you can’t go to an interview when you’ve got your pants sagging and you are showing all of your tattoos,” Lawson said.

YEZ has 145 members not including staff, but has an emphasis on quality and tries to work on a more personal level with individuals. The program offers useful information on empowerment, education, employment, and the newly added emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Lawson claims that it wasn’t enough just to prepare the youths for the jobs.

“The economy turned and we were having difficulties finding hobs, so one of the things that we came across was let’s create some jobs,” Lawson said.

Lawson also says a lack of space for the 145 members and staff pushed them to move to a former Boys & Girls club facility. The new meeting place is expected to be up and running in a month.