Kennedy on Columbia

GEORGE KENNEDY: Dark Money Flows in Jefferson City

Mar 22, 2017
Missouri School of Journalism

I didn’t vote for Eric Greitens, but once he was elected our governor, I thought and wrote that there was considerable ground for hope. 

Now I’m afraid there’s even more cause for worry. And I’m not talking about his assaults on the university, on our public schools and on a woman’s right to choose.

Gov. Greitens brought to the job an impressive resume (doctorate from Oxford, distinguished military career, foundation to help veterans), a picture-perfect family (wife a scholar, kids adorable) and political potential (Internet domain “” reserved by him eight years ago).

His inaugural speech was eloquent and broadly appealing. His first appointments included our first female head of the Highway Patrol and another woman from out of state to clean up the Department of Corrections. His budget withholdings seemed necessary if painful.

But it appears that Gov. Greitens has somehow overlooked — or worse yet, chosen to ignore — the obligation of every elected official to be accountable to the people who are governed...

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GEORGE KENNEDY: MU Journalism Grads Make Us Proud

Mar 15, 2017
Missouri School of Journalism

 You’ll agree, I suspect, that there has been almost too much bad news this week.

In addition to the usual kerfuffle emanating from Washington, we learned that our university has fired its loyal and decent basketball coach. He wasn’t surprised, I’m sure. He didn’t win. Attendance dropped. In the major leagues of college athletics, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Then came the state auditor’s report criticizing the university for employing some classic capitalistic incentives to reward executives in what is, in many ways, a socialistic institution. Those folks didn’t have a won-loss record on which they could be judged. Nor, the auditor found, were there other reliable standards for determining their bonuses...

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GEORGE KENNEDY: What's Ahead? More Talk Between Police and Community

Mar 6, 2017
Missouri School of Journalism

Our community conversation about the best relationship between the police and the people they are sworn to serve and protect — a conversation that has already begun — seems likely to broaden and deepen over the next year.

That’s the outlook after last week’s unanimous endorsement by the Columbia City Council of Ian Thomas' resolution calling for a “community engagement process” on the subject of community-oriented policing.

After that vote, Ian told me he sees this process as the logical follow-up to recommendations made in 2014 by then-Mayor Bob McDavid’s Task Force on Community Violence...

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