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Dave Mars, Columbia Water and Light

Sep 11, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper chats with DAVE MARS, Columbia Water and Light, about proper upkeep for your air conditioning, filters and vents - it could save you money! 

Today Paul Pepper and VAL GERMANN, Central Missouri Astronomical Association, take a look at more stunning photos from outer space. Think you know what a blue moon is? Val may make you rethink your definition! 

UFO Enthusiast Bill Wickersham

Sep 9, 2013

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back former University of Missouri professor and UFO enthusiast BILL WICKERSHAM. Topics include the recent government acknowledgment of Area 51.

Hank Waters, Columbia Daily Tribune

Sep 6, 2013

Today Paul Pepper chats with "Publisher Emeritus" HANK WATERS, Columbia Daily Tribune, about life, liberty and the pursuit of journalism. 

Paul Pepper: Saturday Morning Book Talk

Sep 5, 2013

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back KIT and CATHY SALTER! Saturday Morning Book Talk is an ongoing series at the Boone County Historical Museum. Find out who will be the next author this Saturday!

Second Chance & Capital City Players

Sep 4, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper talks to VALERIE CHAFFIN, Second Chance, about the 10th Annual "Paws in the Park", happening September 14. Also, Capital City Players is putting on "The MOMologues", a play about the joys and frustrations of motherhood. KATHLEEN LAVERY and SARAH CULP explain.

Vera Massey, University of Missouri Extension

Sep 3, 2013

Today Paul Pepper chats with VERA MASSEY, University of Missouri Extension, about the brain! "Health habits make for a healthy brain!"

Singer Larry Brown

Sep 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day! Today, LARRY BROWN sings "Dreams", a song about one man's efforts  to tear down a barn, and the man who built it. 

Diana Moxon, Columbia Art League

Aug 30, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper and DIANA MOXON talk all things Columbia Art League. There's a brand new show at the Art League titled "Interpretations" - stop by, check it out and buy! Featured Artist is Jan L. Coffman.

Bradford Farm & Missouri Mycological Society

Aug 29, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper talks about tomatoes and mushrooms! First up, TIM REINBOTT, with Bradford Farm's 9th Annual Tomato Festival Sept. 5th! Then, check out the basket of mushrooms DANA DRAKE and STAN HUDSON brought with them. The Missouri Mycological Society has plenty of events to keep your fungi interests busy!

Joan Stack, Missouri State Historical Society

Aug 28, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper is joined by JOAN STACK, Missouri State Historical Society, who talks about a significant event that happened 150 years ago! It's now an exhibit that will run thru the end of the year. You'll have to watch to find out what we're talking about! 

Adoption Triad Connection of Mid-Missouri

Aug 27, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper welcomes JUDY BOCK and NANCY BENNETT, with Adoption Triad Connection of Mid-Missouri, which is a group that supports all levels of adoption and the adoption process.

  Today Paul Pepper welcomes back NANETTE WARD, with the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition, who shares the signs of trafficking. Nanette is joined by CRYSTAL MIDKIFF from Columbia's Mustard Seed Fair Trade store. 

  Today Paul Pepper is joined by TIM RICH, Heart of Missouri United Way, and CHRIS BELCHER, Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools. A four million-dollar campaign, "Believe and Achieve 4.0", is under way to help children is Central Missouri.

Steve Johnson, Missouri River Bluffs Association

Aug 22, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper is joined once again by STEVE JOHNSON, with Missouri River Bluffs Association, a non-profit organization that supports the five-county area along the Missouri River. Steve talks about that and the on-going Taste of Local Missouri Food Festival; next up is Jefferson City this Saturday! 

  Today Paul Pepper talks to KATIE FOSTER and JENNI NORDSTROM about an ice cream-making class for kids this Saturday at the Columbia Public Library. Also, CONNIE SHAY shares details about the 11th Annual Boonslick Folk Festival. The theme this year is 'Step Back in Time'.

  Today Paul Pepper chats with FRANK THATCHER, Friends of Historic Boonville, about the Missouri River Festival of the Arts - starting this Thursday for three nights! Also, August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Joining us to talk about that is COURTNEY BARNES and LORI LAMPE, MU Women's and Children's Hospital. 

Mel Zelenak, Travel Tips

Aug 19, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper and Mel Zelenak talk about the value of a vacation. Mel shares his tips on travel, including how to be flexible and to not accept the first rate you see. Good stuff! 

Greg Judy, Sustainable Ranching

Aug 16, 2013

GREG JUDY / Sustainable Ranching

Missouri Cures & Maplewood Barn

Aug 15, 2013

Margaret Tollerton, Missouri Cures, "Fall Events"Russ Scott, Maplewood Barn, Director, "On Golden Pond"Aaron Krawitz, Maplewood Barn, Actor, "On Golden Pond" Featured Artist is Jan L. Coffman

  Steve Schnarr, Missouri River Relief, "River Clean Up" Sarah Dresser, City of Columbia Cultural Affairs, "Upcoming Events" Featured Artist is Jan L. Coffman

  Ed Hanson, Talking Horse Productions, "The Man with the Plastic Sandwich"Heather Harlan, Phoenix Programs, Inc., "Family Matters" Featured Artist is Jan L. Coffman

  Liz Schmidt, League of Women Voters, "Upcoming Events"Greta Hull, Combs Language Preschool

Author Tim O'Mara

Aug 9, 2013

  Tim O'Mara, Author, "Sacrifice Fly"

Lorenzo Lawson, YEZ

Aug 8, 2013

  Lorenzo Lawson, Youth Empowerment Zone, "Violence in Columbia"

Habitat For Humanity & Camp Fire

Aug 7, 2013

  Kelly Smith, River City Habitat For Humanity, "Tin Cottages"Wanda Hoffman, Camp Fire

Dreams to Reality & Capital City Players

Aug 6, 2013

Marianne Jones, Dreams to Reality, "Boutique Clothing Sale," Rob Crouse, Capital City Players, "Young Frankenstein" Featured Artist is Jan L. Coffman

Vera Massey, University of Missouri Extension

Aug 5, 2013

Vera Massey, University of Missouri Extension, "Taking Care of You" Featured Artist is Jan L. Coffman.

Storyteller Larry Brown

Aug 2, 2013

  Today Paul Pepper is joined by local storyteller LARRY BROWN. Larry is all about politcal satire this morning!

Yvonne Matthews, Lincoln University Extension

Aug 1, 2013

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back YVONNE MATTHEWS, who talks about 'Lunch and Learn", plus the latest classes and more happening at Lincoln University in Jefferson City - free of charge!