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Singer Larry Brown

Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Today Paul Pepper welcomes local favorite LARRY BROWN, who sings "Auld Lang Syne" - including verses not often heard!

Sutu Forte and the Beethovens

Dec 31, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back SUTU FORTE and The Rockin' Beethovens to perform. They'll be a featured performer this evening at First Night Columbia.

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First Night Columbia Performance

Dec 28, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes JANE ACCURSO and DAN MILLER. They perform "Red Wing", and talk about Monday night's First Night Celebration in Downtown Columbia.

Today Paul Pepper talks to MARGARET TOLLERTON, Missouri Cures, about the 2012 World Stem Cell Report. Also, NEGAR RAZVANI shares details about the upcoming 20th Columbia Values Diversity Celebration. Keynote speaker is Martin Luther King III. 

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Consumer Expert Mel Zelenak

Dec 26, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes retired economics professor and consumer expert MEL ZELENAK, who looks ahead to 2013 and ways to curb bad spending habits. 

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Sympatico Performs

Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! Today Paul Pepper invites local all-female barbershop quartet SYMPATICO to perform holiday favorites like, "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" and "White Christmas". December 25, 2012

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Cathy and Dave

Dec 24, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA, local folk musician favorites who've been a Christmas Eve staple dating back many years. Today they perform "Make My Present Small". December 24, 2012

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Pet Health Tips & Salvation Army

Dec 21, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes CB CHASTAIN, MU College of Veterinary Medicine, who talks about keeping pets safe during the holidays - what plants are poisonous and what not to eat. Also, CYNDY CHAPMAN, Salvation Army, stops by with a kettle campaign update and ways to help others during the season.

Boone Hospital Center Palliative Care

Dec 20, 2012

Today Paul Pepper talks to JENNIFER BAGGETT, RN, Boone Hospital Center, about Palliative care and experiences Jennifer's had as a dying person's nurse.

Healthy Holiday Eating

Dec 19, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes ASHLEY RITZO, Clinical Dietician with MU Health, about eating healthy and staying fit during the holidays.

Val Germann, CMAA

Dec 18, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with VAL GERMANN, Central Missouri Astronomical Association, about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world, scheduled for this Friday!

City of Columbia Recycling Program

Dec 17, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes ANDREA SHELTON, with the City of Columbia's Recycling Program, who discusses ways to recycle around the holidays and keep the trash to a minimum.

Today Paul Pepper is joined once again by Dr. DAVID NEWMAN, from RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers in Jefferson, City. Dr. Newman talks about staying stress-free during the holidays using the "Five-Minute Miracle."

Today Paul Pepper talks about the "Founders Day Luncheon" with LIZ SCHMIDT, League of Women Voters. Also, HAZEL KINDER, with Hazel Kinder's Lighthouse Theater, shares the lineup in her upcoming holiday show.

First Night Columbia and D&H Drugstore

Dec 12, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes LISA ROHMILLER, with the City of Columbia's Volunteer Program, who puts out the request for volunteers for First Night Columbia. Also, Gene Forrester, D&H Drugstore, shares tips to help you fight the cold and flu season.

Columbia Cultural Affairs & Access Arts

Dec 11, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with the City of Columbia's CHRIS STEVENS about buying local and all the seasonal happenings taking place this holiday season. DENNIS WRIGHT and SHAWNA JOHNSON also join us to talk about Shawna becoming Executive Director of Access Arts. Give the gift of the arts this Christmas!

Salvation Army & Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

Dec 10, 2012

Today Paul Pepper is joined by MAJOR RICHARD TRIMMEL, with the Salvation Army, to talk about the holiday campaign that's well under way, and how you can help. Also, DEB DEEKEN and SUSAN ZORCH, with Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, talk about the "Comprehensive Breast Program."

UFO Enthusiast Bill Wickersham

Dec 7, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with columnist BILL WICKERSHAM about all things extra-terrestrial. Are you a believer?

Dancearts & Columbia Fire Department

Dec 6, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes MARIE ROBERTSON from Dancearts. Marie talks about an upcoming show featuring 3-6 year old dancers happening Sunday, December 9 at Stephens Warehouse. Also, DEBBIE SORRELL, Columbia Fire Department, "Fire Safety During the Holidays". Did you know people still put lighted candles on Christmas trees?

Lynn Rossy, Healthy For Life

Dec 5, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with DR. LYNN ROSSY, Healthy For Life, about "Tasting Mindfulness". Lynn shares tricks to know when to eat, when to stop and when to pass, especially during the holidays.

Independent Actors Theatre & Columbia Art League

Dec 4, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes EMILY ROLLIE, from Independent Actors Theatre, who talks about their production of "Santaland Diaries", written by David Sedaris and opening Thursday at The Blue Fugue, this weekend only! Also, DIANA MOXON, Columbia Art League, shares works of art from local artists which would make the perfect gift for the holidays!

Bradford Farm & GreenHouse Theatre Project

Dec 3, 2012

Today Paul Pepper and TIM REINBOTT think Spring. Tim is the superintendent at MU's Bradford Farm Research Center. Learn all about sweet corn and a variety of tomatoes. Also, ELIZABETH BRAATEN PALMIERI and EMILY ADAMS talk about Greenhouse Theatre Project's own spin on "The Nutcracker", which opens this Friday at the Columbia Access Television studio. Find out more! 

Today Paul Pepper talks to TRENT RASH about the Elan Singers Holiday Concert, happening next Thursday, December 6. Learn more about the group and where to see them perform. Also, LIZ SCHMIDT and ELLIE DOCKWHILER show and tell about the Calvary Episcopal Church Bazaar, which takes place all day Saturday. Check out the mice! 

Boone County Museum & Holiday Homes Tour

Nov 29, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with JENNIFER FLINK, Boone County Museum, about their upcoming "Maplewood By Candlelight" event happening December 5-8. Take a trip back in time to Christmas at the Maplewood home thanks to actors from Maplewood Barn Theatre. Also, JOYCE HULLETT, Women's Symphony League, "Holiday Homes Tour" is December 1 and includes four homes. Tickets on sale now.

Today Paul Pepper welcomes LEEANN JOHNSON, Chief Flight Nurse, MU Staff for Life Helicopter Service, celebrating 30 years! It has the distinction of being the 3rd helicopter service in the state. Also, ED HANSON and BARBARA SALVADORI HERITAGE, Talking Horse Productions, "The Dining Room" opens tomorrow night!

Folk Musicians Cathy and Dave

Nov 27, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes local folk music favorites CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA. They perform "The Peace Carol", written by Bob Beers.

Missouri Cures & MO Dietetic Association

Nov 26, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes MARGARET TOLLERTON, Missouri Cures, "The World Stem Cell Summit" is coming up. Also, ELIZABETH FREEMAN, MU Health Care, discusses the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and how you can keep it in check during the holidays.

Connie Shay & Christmas Bazaar

Nov 23, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with CONNIE SHAY about "barn blocks" and the Barns of the Boonslick. Find out more - your barn could take part. Also, EMILY CARROL and DIANE BURRE discuss all the one-of-a-kind items to be had at the Court Street United Methodist Church Christmas Bazaar.

Storyteller Larry Brown

Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Today Paul Pepper welcomes local storyteller LARRY BROWN. Today Larry tells several Thanksgiving-related vignettes.

Columbia Second Chance & Maples Rep Theatre

Nov 21, 2012

Today Paul Pepper talks to VALERIE CHAFFIN, Columbia Second Chance, about the name change to simply 'Second Chance', and about the organization in general. Also, TODD DAVISON, with Maples Rep Theatre, plugs their upcoming holiday show, "Burglars Holiday", which opens Friday.