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Paul Pepper welcomes back VAL GERMANN with the Central Missouri Astronomical Association! As usual, Val has brought more stunning pictures from outer space, including an automated rover and a Mars dust devil.

Paul Pepper visits with TIMOTHY McGARITY about the Community Montessori scholarship for low-income children in Columbia's First Ward. Also, Capital City Players present, "Nunsense the Musical". AUDIE CLINE and ROBIN BEACH STEINHAUS are here with the (humorous) details! 

Pet & PET

Jan 9, 2014

Paul Pepper and CB CHASTAIN, MU College of Veterinary Health, go over winter hazards that affect pets the most. Also, JEFF MORAN is willing to speak to your group or organization about PET, or personal energy transportation. Find out how. 

Paul Pepper talks to NANETTE WARD about an event at Grace Bible Church that coincides with January being National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

D&H Drugstore & the "Giving Tree"

Jan 7, 2014

Paul Pepper and D&H Drugstore's DARRAN ALBERTY go over ways to make a patient's first visit to a pharmacy pleasant. Also, NATHAN SCHUETZE talks about the Boone County Foster Parent Support Group's "Giving Tree" campaign.

The Wolfner Library for the Blind

Jan 6, 2014

Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA READING and Missouri Secretary of State JASON KANDER about the new e-reader program at the Wolfner Library (in Jefferson City). 

Lorenzo Lawson, Youth Empowerment Zone

Jan 3, 2014

Paul Pepper gets an update on the latest at the Youth Empowerment Zone, including the new entrepreneurial program, from director LORENZO LAWSON.

Bryant Scholars Program & Room at the Inn

Jan 2, 2014

Paul Pepper talks to KATHLEEN QUINN, MU School of Medicine, about the "pipeline", a.k.a. the Bryant Scholars Program. Also, ROBERT MacGREGOR and JANET SCHISSER are here representing the Room at the Inn Winter Shelter at Broadway Christian Church in Columbia.

Happy New Year! Today Paul Pepper is joined by DR. DAVID NEWMAN, RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, Inc., who talks about bi-lateral hypnosis. Which way do you think the female is spinning? 

2013 Reflections with Hank Waters

Dec 31, 2013

Paul Pepper and Columbia Daily Tribune Publisher Emeritus HANK WATERS look back at 2013 and into the new year, both locally and nationally. 

Columbia Eve Fest 2013

Dec 30, 2013

Paul Pepper welcomes Columbia Eve Fest director JANE ACCURSO, and DAN MILLER, who will be hosting an acoustic jam session New Year's Eve, to talk about the new changes to this year's celebration! 

Paul Pepper and VALERIE CHAFFIN, Second Chance, explain their new monthly adoption event, TGIFF! Also, PAULA VANDELICHT, Central Missouri Dietetic Association is here to encourage you to eat ("at least a little") healthy during what's left of the holiday season.

Yvonne Matthews, Kwanzaa

Dec 26, 2013

Paul Pepper welcomes back Lincoln University's Yvonne Matthews, who, on this first day of Kwanzaa, explains its meanings and traditions.

Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark 

Folk Musicians Cathy & Dave

Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA, who brought LESLIE and DAVID OSWALD to help perform "Christ Was Born on Christmas Morn'". 

Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark

Singer Larry Brown

Dec 24, 2013

Paul Pepper and LARRY BROWN talk about the once-controversial Christmas carol, "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear". Larry performs.  

Mel Zelenak, Consumer News

Dec 23, 2013

Paul Pepper and MEL ZELENAK talk New Year's resolutions that you can make that will save you money; tips like: pay yourself first and pay your bills last. December 23, 2013 Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark 

Vera Massey, University Extension

Dec 20, 2013

Paul Pepper welcomes back VERA MASSEY, University Extension, who shares insights into how to have peace during the holidays.

Major Richard Trimmel, Salvation Army

Dec 19, 2013

Paul Pepper chats with MAJOR RICHARD TRIMMEL about how the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign is coming along this season. December 19, 2013 Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark 

Paul Pepper talks to ADAM SCHMID about the Truman Leadership Project, a student-run, non-profit organization that promotes leadership skills - all kids in middle/high school are welcome! Also, SUTU FORTE is here; she's looking for humor writers and singers to help honor the late IRENE HASKINS.

 Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark

UFO Enthusiast Bill Wickersham

Dec 17, 2013

Paul Pepper and BILL WICKERSHAM talk about all things UFO, including how we'll be addressing this issue in 10 years. Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark

GreenHouse Theatre Project & Nina Furstenau

Dec 16, 2013

Paul Pepper welcomes back ELIZABETH BRAATEN PALMIERI, GreenHouse Theatre Project; their latest production, "C'tait la Nuit" (Twas the Night), opens Wednesday at Orr Street Studios! Also, author NINA FURSTENAU has written a food memoir, "Biting Through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America's Heartland".  Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark 


Today Paul Pepper welcomes WYN RILEY and KYLE KENNEDY. "Home for Christmas" is next weekend at the Miller Performing Arts Center; tickets on sale now! Today, Kyle performs "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

Today Paul Pepper and ANDREA SHELTON review familiar and not-so-familiar - but always important(!) - tips to use less stuff this holiday season; for instance, give an experience as a gift! Also, Fairview United Methodist Church presents "Little Bethlehem" - ANDY UPHAM joins us to talk about the interactive presentation happening this weekend!

Today Paul Pepper and DR. DAVID NEWMAN, RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Center, Inc. in Jefferson City, talk about stress and depression during the holiday season. Watch for the paper-crumpling demonstration...

Phoenix Programs, Inc. & The Food Bank

Dec 10, 2013

Today Paul Pepper and HEATHER HARLAN, Phoenix Programs, Inc., talk about 'change' being less of an event and more of a process. SCOTT GORDON is also here to plug the One-for-One Holiday Food Drive December 18th. Watch for the location!

Today Paul Pepper talks with Missouri Orthopedic Institute surgeon AJAY AGGARWAL about ways to delay arthritis; most importantly: stay active! Also, KELLY SMITH, River City Habitat for Humanity, is back to discuss the misconceptions about Habitat for Humanity. 

Today Paul Pepper and ANITA PARMER talk about about this Saturday's Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church Bazaar and Cafe; but up first, EMILY EDGINGTON ANDREWS and STEFAN FREUND: the Columbia Civic Orchestra and Columbia Chorale present "On a Winter's Eve: A Holiday Concert" this Sunday at Missouri United Methodist Church. 

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back ROB CROUSE, Capital City Players, who talks about an original, one-weekend-only, holiday show opening December 19th. Also, don't miss the Calvary Episcopal Church Bazaar this Saturday! LIZ SCHMIDT and LEEANN BALL are here with the church mice and more information.

Dave Mars, Columbia Water and Light

Dec 4, 2013

Today Paul Pepper chats with DAVE MARS, Columbia Water and Light, about efficiency with your clothes dryer. Did you know each dry-cycle costs roughly $.65?

Columbia Public Schools & Chordbusters Concert

Dec 3, 2013

Today Paul Pepper and JONATHAN SESSIONS talk about a new school Rock Bridge State Park. Also, Chuck Bay is here promoting the Boonslick Chordbusters Christmas Concert on December 7th - watch for details!