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Today Paul Pepper chats with LISA ROHMILLER about the Hinkson Clean Sweep - a community-wide stream clean-up happening Saturday, October 20. Find out how to get involved! And speaking of volunteering, NICK FOSTER talks Voluntary Action Center; the Christmas program is underway - sponsor a family today! 

UFO Expert Bill Wickersham

Oct 1, 2012

Today Paul Pepper talks UFO and ET sightings with local buff BILL WICKERSHAM.

Broadway Christian Church: Harp Music

Sep 28, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes the relaxing harp music of MARIA TREVOR, Broadway Christian Church. TIM CARSON, also from Broadway Christian Church, joins the discussion. Maria performs portions of three different pieces of music.

Today Paul Pepper talks to JAN TODD with MU Health Care. "Tigers on Track" is a new clinic at Children's Hospital that deals with obesity. Also, BILLY POLANSKY, Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, "Harvest Hootenanny" is this Saturday.

Missouri Cures & Missouri CASA

Sep 26, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with MARGARET TOLLERTON with Missouri Cures. The upcoming fun-walk, "Monster Dash", is to raise awareness of Missouri Cures. Come in costume! Also, KALEI HOLDER is with Missouri CASA; they're holding the inaugural Show-Me Giving Gala.

Columbia Water & Light: Dave Mars

Sep 25, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with Columbia Water & Light Department's DAVE MARS. Did you know "Public Power Week" starts Monday?! Also, how much insulation is in your attic? 

Today Paul Pepper discusses "God of Carnage", the latest production that's kicking off the 6th season of Columbia's Independent Actors Theatre. EMILY ROLLIE explains. Also, COLIN LAVEUT and MINDY SMITH, "Whiskers and Wine" - the first-ever fundraiser for the Central Missouri Humane Society.

Shamanic Healing

Sep 21, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with NANCY BECK (Nurse Nancy) and GARY LANGSTON about a five-part weekend intensive apprenticeship program called, " Learn Shamanic Healing."

Show-Me Opera

Sep 20, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes CHRISTINE SEITZ with Show-Me Opera. Christine talks about the upcoming MU Voice Symposium and Vocal Arts Festival, followed by an in-studio operatic performance! 

Vera Massey, University of Missouri Extension

Sep 19, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back our resident "Body, Mind and Spirit" expert VERA MASSEY with University of Missouri Extension. The topic: taking care of you!

Today Paul Pepper chats with NADIA NAVARRETE-TINDALL, a native plant expert with Lincoln University, about the upcoming "In Touch with Nature". Also, CINDY MUSTARD and JOLENE SCHULZ talk about their new adventure, "Tiger Trolley Tours."

Columbia Art League & City of Columbia

Sep 17, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes DIANA MOXON with the Columbia Art League. Diana talks about their latest exhibit, "House of Cards", running now through November 3. Look for Donald Trump! ANDREA SHELTON is our second interview; get the kids involved with the City of Columbia's "Creative Kids."

Folk Musicians Cathy Barton & Dave Para

Sep 14, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local folk music favorites CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA. Cathy & Dave will be performing this weekend at the Boone County Heritage Festival. Today they perform "Blow Your Whistle Freight Train."

League of Women Voters & Phoenix Programs, Inc.

Sep 13, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with LIZ SCHMIDT, League of Women Voters, who promotes two forums happening at the public library, as well as their program, "Who Owns the Election". HEATHER HARLAN from Phoenix Programs, Inc. is our second interview; she talks about "National Recovery Month."

Peace Studies & Dancearts

Sep 12, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back RUSSEL BREYFOGLE with the University of Missouri's Peace Studies Program. Two events coming up; one on September 19, and the other October 10. Public invited! MARIE ROBERTSON also stops by to talk about the new fall session happening at Dancearts.

Today Paul Pepper welcomes KRISTEN FRITSCHIE from Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, "Mammathon" and "Pink Pursuit" - two events in which you can get involved! Also, ED HANSON, Talking Horse Productions, promotes the upcoming show, "The Fisherman and His Wife", which opens this Saturday.

Author Ed Ailor

Sep 10, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes ED AILOR, author and photographer of the book "Blue Highways Revisited."

PedNet & City of Columbia Volunteer

Sep 7, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with GINA OVERSHINER, representing Columbia's PedNet Coalition, about the Long Road Home Project currently underway. Also, are you interested in volunteering with the City of Columbia? Second guest LISA ROHMILLER has details on how to get involved!

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Sep 6, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes BARB KING, Ronald McDonald House Charities, who stops by, helmet and all, to promote the Show-Me 100 Bike Ride happening September 29! 

Mel Zelenak, Consumer News

Sep 5, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes regular guest MEL ZELENAK, who's back with more money-saving tips for you, the consumer! Mel delves into buying online, retirement fund fees and more.

Today Paul Pepper chats with DARLENE JOHNSON, representing King's Daughters, about the upcoming annual holiday festival happening November 9-11 in Columbia. Also, CHARLIE RILEY and CHRISTINE KLEINDIENST promote the 6th Annual Bluegrass and BBQ Festival in Fulton on Sunday, September 9.

Storyteller Larry Brown

Sep 3, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes local storyteller LARRY BROWN. Today is Labor Day, and Larry has a story fitting for today's holiday.

Boone County Historical Society

Aug 31, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with JENNIFER FLINK, with the Boone County Historical Society. Meet author Julia Falkner-Tompkins tomorrow Saturday, September 1st at the museum. Jennifer shares many more events that you're invited to attend! 

Boonslick Folk Festival & Capital Jazzfest

Aug 30, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with CONNIE SHAY, who stops by to promote the Boonslick Folk Festival, happening Labor Day weekend in Howard County. Also, JESSICA DULLE and NANCY FRANKLIN discuss Jefferson City's Capital Jazzfest, happening September 8th, and Capital City Street Art.

Tomato Festival & Missouri Cures

Aug 29, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes TIM REINBOTT, Bradford Research and Extension Center, who talks about an upcoming Tomato Festival. Tim also shows off the luck he had this summer growing tomatoes! MARGARET TOLLERTON is our second interview. She represents Missouri Cures.

Central Missouri Astronomical Association

Aug 28, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with VAL GERMANN, Central Missouri Astronomical Association, who shares more outstanding photographs of outer space. 

Sickle Cell Month & Fire Safety

Aug 27, 2012

Today Paul Pepper welcomes ELIZABETH GUNIER, MU Sickle Cell Coordinator, who talks about Sickle Cell Month. DEBBIE SORRELL is our second interview; she shares the dangers of fires during this extreme dry period.

Vera Massey - MU Extension

Aug 24, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with VERA MASSEY with the University of Missouri's Extension Office about eating from the garden, "seasonal and simple". Do you know where the word "diet" comes from?

Today Paul Pepper chats with JANICE RAMBO from the Central Missouri Dietetic Association about children and obesity; Janice discusses the many ongoing programs designed to help! Also, CHRIS STEVENS, Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs, talks about the art on the 10 story parking garage - and more.

League of Women Voters & Literacy Action Corps

Aug 22, 2012

Today Paul Pepper chats with MARILYN MCLEOD with the League of Women Voters; the League is having an informal picnic that you're invited to! Also, SHIRLEY COLBERT, Literacy Action Corps of Columbia, talks about an upcoming training course this fall for those interested in teaching the english language to international persons and others in which english is not their first language.