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Today Paul Pepper visits with NICK FOSTER, Executive Director of the Voluntary Action Center, about the upcoming Hero Awards, which recognize deserving volunteers in our community. Plus, Nick details how VAC can be a 'clearing house' for information: "one of the main barriers for a lot of people receiving help is just not knowing where that help is available." At [5:09] HAL JOHNSON and ALEX CURRIER invite everyone to Boy Scout Troop 707's 50th anniversary celebration! Details on that, plus 17 year-old Alex's experiences with the Scouts after six years on today's show! March 24, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with LINDSAY LOPEZ, Executive Director of The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, about this year's 'Float Your Boat' fundraiser at Bass Pro Shops in Columbia. Deadline to register is coming up - watch for details! At [3:56] TERRY FOLTZ, Volunteer Recruiter and Trainer for Heart of Missouri CASA, invites everyone to 'The Voices of Callaway,' a singing competition and fundraiser in Fayette. According to CASA's website, this event is an opportunity to raise money and awareness about who CASAs are and the need for more advocates." Online voting begins soon - watch! March 23, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA, who perform a medley of three French-Canadian tunes on the hammer dulcimer and guitar. Plus, get details on this year's Big Muddy Folk Festival, happening April 1-2 at Thespian Hall in Boonville! March 22, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes CAROL WARD, Prof. of Anatomy at the University of Missouri, and NADEGE UWASE, Dir. of MU African Interdisciplinary Studies Hub. They invite everyone to a symposium titled "Our African Origins" tomorrow at the Bond Life Sciences Center on the MU campus! Keynote speaker, Dr. Meave Leakey, appears on stage tonight at the Missouri Theatre. Watch for details! March 21, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with HEATHER HARLAN, Phoenix Health Programs, about Brain Awareness Week (which is this week). Heather says, "substance use issues are chronic brain health issues" and "90% of addictions begin during adolescence." There's a special event for families this Saturday and next - watch for details! March 18, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local storyteller LARRY BROWN, who shares a story about how the shamrock became synonymous with St. Patrick, and other facts. March 17, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with DAN SCHNEIDERJOHN, Environmental Health Specialist at Columbia/Boone Co. Dept. of Health and Human Services, about food safety during warmer months. How long can you leave out that potato salad at a picnic? Dan has the answer! At [4:11] SARAH GRIM and SHELLY SILVEY encourages everyone to eat at Jersey Mike's Subs on March 30, because 100% of their proceeds that day will go towards Welcome Home, which is a "transitional living facility" for veterans. Watch for details! March 16, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, about Earth Hour! Barbara says "it's a global discussion and it's a global effort to really make a difference in climate change." It's coming up this Saturday - will you be ready to flip the switch? March 15, 2016

Today Paul Pepper chats with LIZ SCHMIDT, League of Women Voters, about their busy March schedule! It all starts with tomorrow's 'Lunch and Learn' at Hy-Vee South in Columbia; plus, it's Election Day! What's on the ballot? And what about that confusing roll cart language? Liz has the answers - watch! At [3:54] Carpet One Floor and Home's SCOTT BRADLEY continues his sustainable flooring-themed visits with "the greenest of the green." How about this one: strand-woven bamboo infused with cork. Check it out! March 14, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back ERIC SANDVOL, Assoc. Prof. of Geological Sciences at the University of Missouri, who explains why earthquakes don't happen more often here in North America, especially considering that the plates are always moving; as well as other fascinating facts to complicated to write here - watch! March 11, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with AMANDA GASTLER, Event Coordinator at the Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI), about an upcoming event titled "Is Our Government Too Open?" Make plans to attend this debate on government transparency featuring Bruce Caine from Stanford University and Chuck Lewis from American University. Watch for details! At [3:15] MELANIE KNOCKE and DR. CASEY HOLLIDAY invite everyone to come out to the planetarium at Rock Bridge High School this Saturday for the 4th annual Dinosaurs & Cavemen Science Expo! Get a taste of what you'll see if you go on today's show. March 10, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes CHRISTINE SEITZ, PAX BAKER and MARY KETTLEWELL from MU's Show-Me Opera. At [4:10] Pax and Mary perform "Sull'aria" from Mozart's masterpiece, "The Marriage of Figaro." See it on stage at the Missouri Theatre this Friday and Saturday! March 9, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back retired economics professor MEL ZELENAK, who - on this visit - encourages us to Google 'matrix airfare search' before booking your next flight. Find out why! March 8, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with MIKE DUNN, General Manager of KBIA, about their recent switch to all news and moving classical music to the new KMUC, as well as the spring pledge drive that starts tomorrow. Find out how much they're planning to raise in six short days! At [4:21] JOAN STACK, Curator of Art Collections at the State Historical Society of Missouri, invites everyone to stop by and see two portraits of early University of Missouri presidents as painted by George Caleb Bingham - it's all part of their "Picturing Politics" exhibit on display now! March 7, 2016

Today Paul Pepper and ED HANSON, Artistic Director of Talking Horse Productions, talk about Neil Simon's "The Sunshine Boys," which you can see on stage at THP starting March 11th! At [4:40] BETTY HAGENHOFF invites everyone to a four-day used book sale at the St. Martins Knights of Columbus Hall in St. Martins, beginning March 9. Missouri River Regional Library and ABLE are behind this yearly event that features over 200,000 books! Watch for details. March 4, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with Love INC co-founder, JANE WILLIAMS, about all the ways her organization is helping members of our community who are maybe in crisis, or maybe just "stuck." Jane says, "many times people are just stuck and they need another person to brainstorm with them, to come along beside them and just be in it with them." Watch for ways that you can get involved! March 3, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with JUDITH MCKENNEY and CYNDY CHAPMAN about this Sunday's 6th annual "Music in the Air" concert fundraiser for the Salvation Army. Bill Clark will serve as the master of ceremonies for what's sure to be good fun for a good cause! Watch for details. March 2, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits JANE WHITESIDES, Executive Director of the Missouri Symphony Society, about a couple of upcoming concerts featuring the youths of the Missouri Symphony Conservatory - and the best part is, it's free! At [3:47] DR. HEATHER CARVER, Department Chair of MU Theatre, invites everyone to see "Booby Hatch: A Hysterical Musicale and Other Plays" this weekend at the Corner Playhouse.  This is the third in a trilogy of plays based on Heather's experiences since being diagnosed with breast cancer. March 1, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with JOY SWEENEY, Council for Drug Free Youth, about CDFY's methods for teaching school-aged children to live tobacco-free. Joy says, "we are changing the minds and attitudes of the youth; in order to effectively change long-term behavior, we have to change the minds and attitudes of the entire community." February 29, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back Missouri's first poet laureate, WALTER BARGEN, who shares with us another original poem about snakes. This one - slightly disturbing if you're a fan of rabbits - is titled "Chinese Boxes," and takes place just off the MKT Trail in Columbia. February 26, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with ROBERT GREENE, filmmaker and professor at the Murray Center for Documentary Journalism, about his latest film, "Kate Plays Christine." Robert takes us inside the making of the film, which recently won the U.S Documentary Special Jury Award for Writing at the Sundance Film Festival and will play at the 2016 True/False Film Festival. February 25, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with DR. SUZANNE BURGOYNE, director of MU Theatre's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead." Dr. Burgoyne takes us inside the making of this comedy, which - at it's most basic of descriptions - is 'theatre about theatre.' Don't miss it starting tonight in the Rhynsburger Theatre. At [4:28] JUDY ARNET, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, encourages everyone to 'savor the flavor of eating right,' which also happens to be the theme of National Nutrition Month! February 24, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with DIANA MOXON, Executive Director of the Columbia Art League, about their new show, "Pathways and Passages." Visiting this exhibit is sure to whisk you away on many adventures, all without ever leaving the gallery. At [4:33] actors ED HANSON and E.C. WALKER invite everyone to see Capital City Players' production of "Becky's New Car!" According to Ed, this show "borders on farce, except there aren't doors to slam." See it starting this Friday in Jefferson City! February 23, 2016

Today Paul Pepper welcomes JOAN STACK, Curator of Art Collections at the State Historical Society of Missouri; as well as DAIVE DUNKLEY, a professor in the Dept. of Black Studies at the University of Missouri. They invite everyone to a lecture happening this Thursday by Dr. Verene Shepherd, who will speak about racism, reparation and reconciliation. February 22, 2016

Today Paul Pepper and VERA MASSEY, Health Educator/Consultant, talk about ways to de-stress. Has feeling stressed become the norm? Is it getting in the way of living life? If so, turning things around can be as simple as starting your morning with a smile; Vera explains - watch! February 19, 2016

Today Paul Pepper and PAULA SCHULTE, Marketing Coordinator at Missouri River Regional Library, talk about a mini-golf fundraiser INSIDE the library happening this Saturday. $5 gets you 18 holes that wind through the books! At [4:09] KERRI BURROWS, Interim Executive Director of Second Chance, invites everyone to participate in their Trivia Night fundraiser March 11! Registration is required and tables fill up fast, so don't wait! February 18, 2016

Today Paul Pepper chats with CB Chastain, MU College of Veterinary Medicine, about the number one poison affecting domesticated animals, and what you can do to avoid a tragedy. Think you might know? (Hint: it's not chocolate.) At [5:00] JEFF CHINN offers up free tax preparation of Federal and State taxes for those who qualify! "We will do itemized deductions and retirement; we will take of ACA paperwork - we'll do it all!" Watch for details. February 17, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with KIT SALTER, who reminds us that 'curiosity never retires.' If that's your mindset, then you might be interested in the next round of Osher @ Mizzou classes beginning March 7! At [4:03] PATRICK NEELIN, Chief Engineer at KBIA, touches on the technology behind KBIA 1, 2 & 3. How does a digital signal get from our house to your house? Watch! February 16, 2016

It's Presidents' Day! Today Paul Pepper sits back while LARRY BROWN shares a presidential story about Missouri's own Harry Truman and his early role in the civil rights movement - enjoy! February 15, 2016

Today Paul Pepper visits with LORIE STEELE, Directress of Moreau Montessori School, about their ongoing efforts to raise money for a new roof. To help, they're hosting a dinner/auction/piccadilly fundraiser March 12 - RSVP today! At [4:20] ETHAN DUKE, Asst. Dir., Missouri River Bird Observatory, invites everyone to an event in March that will discuss the impact that climate change is having on birds and wildlife. Watch! February 12, 2016