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Paul Pepper: Maria Trevor, Harp Music (Performance)

Sep 12, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back harpist MARIA TREVOR. She performs, but first tells us about "Harp and Healing," which takes place every first Tuesday at Broadway Christian Church in Columbia. September 12, 2014

Today Paul Pepper talks to MELANIE KNOCKE about this Saturday's show, "Wonders of the Night Sky," at the CPS Planetarium. If you have youngsters (3/4 years-old), you won't want to miss this show! September 10, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and VERA MASSEY, University of Missouri Extension, talk about "mindful living," which is living our lives with a little more awareness. Are you living life on autopilot? Watch! September 8, 2014

Paul Pepper: The Boone County Hams (Performance)

Sep 9, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local barbershop quartet, The Boone County Hams! They perform "Chordbuster March" and "It Is Well." September 9, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and JOAN STACK talk about the Missouri State Historical Society's latest exhibit, titled "Thomas Hart Benton's American Mythologies." We've got a sneak preview! September 5, 2014

Today Paul Pepper asks DR. DAVID NEWMAN, RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, Inc., about his recent trip to Los Angeles as an advisor on a Bravo TV reality show. September 4, 2014

Today Paul Pepper chats with ANNA DRAKE, Heart of Missouri CASA, about a fundraiser 'roast' of Rep. Chris Kelly! Tickets are on sale now. At [5:00] JENNIFER DAMPF stresses the importance of breakfast for school-aged kids, and talks about Dollars For Dairy! September 3, 2014

Paul Pepper: Storyteller Larry Brown, "Labor Day"

Sep 1, 2014

Today Paul Pepper sits back while LARRY BROWN attempts to weave today's holiday (Labor Day) into his story. Can he do it? Watch! September 1, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and HEATHER HARLAN, Phoenix Programs, Inc., talk about teenage angst - how can you tell? August 29, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back JACK SCHULTZ, Director of MU's Bond Life Sciences Center, to talk about everyday science information; for instance, did you know caffeine is an insecticide? August 28, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with CONNIE SHAY about a "step back in time," the 12th Annual Boonslick Folk Festival! At [4:24] assistant director DANA NAYLOR and actress KRISTINA GRANT talk about "Something's Afoot," the latest production from Maplewood Barn Theatre, opening tomorrow! August 27, 2014

Paul Pepper: Rod Gelatt, Osher at Mizzou

Aug 26, 2014

Today Paul Pepper chats with ROD GELATT about all the classes and programs offered (for those over 50) at Osher at Mizzou! August 26, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with JERRY RICKER from the Jefferson City Art Club. They're about to kick-off their 2014-2015 season with a potluck dinner, and you're invited! At [3:38] KRISTEN EIFFERT, Central Missouri Academy of Fitness and Nutrition, talks about packing healthy school lunches! August 25, 2014

Today Paul Pepper chats with the Columbia Art League's DIANA MOXON, who attempts to explain the latest show, titled "Interpretations". (Fascinating, to say the least.) August 22, 2014

Today Paul Pepper chats with JEANNE LAMBSON, who is - once again - recruiting new members to be a part of the RTO, or "Really Terrible Orchestra." At [4:39] LIZ SCHIMDT runs down a list of events hosted by the League of Women Voters; the first of which is tomorrow at the Columbia Public Library! August 21, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA. They perform Charles Converse's "Lone Rock By The Sea" on guitar and autoharp. August 20, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and ED HANSON talk about "Bingo! The Winning Musical," on stage at Talking Horse Productions starting August 22! At [4:28] LESLIE CLAY is looking for reading and writing tutors at Literacy Action Corp. Training starts in a month! August 19, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with NADIA NAVARRETE-TINDALL, from Lincoln University, about "Dining Wild" - a dinner prepared from native plants! At [4:11] NICK FOSTER talks about December 25th. Yes, Christmas. Family sponsorship sign-up will start in early September! August 18, 2014

Today Paul Pepper is joined by VAL GERMANN, Central Missouri Astronomical Association, who has brought more stunning photos from outer space! Take a look at the Mars Rover, the Milky Way and more. August 15, 2014

Today Paul Pepper talks to DR. MARCUS WADE about MU Health Care's free lung cancer screening offer: how it works, who's eligible and more! August 14, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and BILL WICKERSHAM talk about a UFO sighting here in Missouri on July 8 of this year, and why it didn't make news. August 13, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with KEN PIGG, Access to Healthy Food, which "helps low-income people eat well." Ken is looking for home brewers for the Barley and Hops Hoopla! At [3:52] CB CHASTAIN, MU College of Veterinary Medicine, lists the "Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian." August 12, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and DAVE MARS talk about good home efficiency tips that will keep your air conditioner, furnace and water heater running smoothly; that, in turn, saves you money! August 11, 2014

Paul Pepper: LTF Flute Studio (Performance)

Aug 8, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes JACK ATKINS and EMILY FRANKE from the LTF Flute Studio in Columbia, which is holding a fundraiser for the Voluntary Action Center Youth Enrichment Fund next Saturday! Jack and Emily perform "Sonata No. 3" at [2:50] and "Giga" at [5:50]. August 8, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with BRIAN and AMELIA COTTLE, advocates for Alzheimer's research after Brian was diagnosed with the disease at just 53 years-old. August 7, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with PEGGY KIRKPATRICK, The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, about impending retirement and the 20th year of "Score Against Hunger"! August 6, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and JOY SWEENEY talk about Council for Drug Free Youth: how it started, it's mission and it's future! August 5, 2014


Today Paul Pepper chats with author ALICE ANNA REESE about her book, "Show Me Famous Missourians". At [4:28] ROB CROUSE returns to talk about "All Shook Up," the latest production from Capital City Players! August 4, 2014


Today Paul Pepper visits with MARK PALMER about Woodhaven's 50th year and the big celebration happening August 23rd! At [3:30] CINDY MUSTARD and HEATHER DIMITT tell us about "Countdown to Kickoff," a fundraising event that benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters! August 1, 2014


Today Paul Pepper visits with ADAM SAUNDERS, Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, about what goes on at CCUA and gardening in general. At [3:52] ADDISON MYERS and AARON KRAWITZ tell us about "Freud's Last Session," the latest production from Talking Horse Productions. July 31, 2014