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Today Paul Pepper and BRAD BUCHANAN talk about "Adam's Eve," Maplewood Barn Theatre's latest production, in which the setting is our very own Columbia! At [4:08] HEATHER HARLAN stops by to remind us that July is "recovery means freedom" month at Phoenix Programs Inc., addiction specialists for Mid-Missouri. July 2, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and TIM REINBOTT talk all-things gardening, specifically tips to prevent diseases in tomatoes due to a (predicted) moist summer. At [4:04] DIANA MOXON reflects on June's Art in the Park and looks ahead to the new show, "Bountiful Boone," and their on-going summer camps. July 1, 2014


Eating Right & Weight Loss

Jun 30, 2014

Today Paul Pepper invites WENBO ZHAO, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and KEVIN SUTTMOELLER, MU Health Care, to tackle the issue of eating right and weight loss options. June 30, 2014


Joan Stack, State Historical Society, "WWI Exhibit"

Jun 27, 2014

Today Paul Pepper, JOAN STACK and JOHN KONZAL talk about the State Historical Society's World War One exhibit, which opens tomorrow (the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI). June 27, 2014

Second Chance & Bittersweet Garden Club

Jun 26, 2014

Today Paul Pepper chats with VALERIE CHAFFIN, Second Chance, about the need for volunteers to foster dogs and cats during these summer months. At [4:50] JEANNINE BRICKEY and MARCIA REED talk about the Bittersweet Garden Club's 15th Annual Garden Tour, happening this Sunday in Jefferson City! June 26, 2014

Mel Zelenak, Consumer and Travel News, "Cruising"

Jun 25, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and MEL ZELENAK attempt to save you money with tips on how to score a good deal on a cruise (tips which can be applied to any negotiation). June 25, 2014

Richard Trimmell & Cyndy Chapman, Salvation Army

Jun 24, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with MAJOR RICHARD TRIMMELL and CYNDY CHAPMAN, from Columbia's Salvation Army, about what's going on at Harbor House, which serves as a cooling center for those without shelter. Watch to find out how you can help. June 24, 2014


Margaret Tollerton and Jack Schultz, Missouri Cures

Jun 23, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with MARGARET TOLLERTON, Missouri Cures, and JACK SCHULTZ, Director of the Bond Life Sciences Center, who is also the keynote speaker at Missouri Cures' (FREE!) breakfast program tomorrow at Stadium Grill. June 23, 2014


Bluegrass Worship Service & League of Women Voters

Jun 20, 2014

Today Paul Pepper talks to JEFF MORAN about the Millersburg Christian Church Bluegrass/Gospel Worship Service this weekend, a fundraiser for the PET Project. At [4:06] LIZ SCHMIDT returns to remind everyone about the August 5th primary, and how the League of Women Voters is helping people stay in the know! June 20, 2014


Chicken and Mutton BBQ & Hot Summer Nights

Jun 19, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and CHESTER EDWARDS invite everyone to the 57th Annual Olivet Christian Church Chicken and Mutton BBQ, happening this weekend! At [3:54] Maestro KIRK TREVOR explains tonight's silent movie presentation, featuring a soundtrack performed live by the Missouri Symphony! It's all part of Hot Summer Nights. June 19, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and MARIE ROBERTSON talk about Dancearts' 'Intensive Dance Camp', a three-week program that starts July 7 - call to sign up! At [4:49] meet GWENDOLYN SHWIKE, an actress now appearing in "Good People" at Talking Horse Productions. Opens on June 19 - ED HANSON has details. June 18, 2014


Maples Rep Theatre , "Forever Plaid" (Performance)

Jun 17, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back Maples Rep Theatre! The 2014 season kicks off with "Forever Plaid," and we've got a sneak preview with performances of "Private Functions" at [2:17], and "No, Not Much" at [4:50]. June 17, 2014


Callaway Plein Air & Columbia Farmer's Market

Jun 16, 2014

Today Paul Pepper talks to BRIAN MAHIEU about Callaway Plein Air, an art exhibit on display now thru June 29 at The Art House in downtown Fulton. At [4:47] MATT JERNIGAN invites everyone to the Farm to Table fundraising event on June 22 which will support Access to Healthy Foods. June 16, 2014


Storyteller Larry Brown, "Father's Day"

Jun 13, 2014

Today Paul Pepper is joined by local storyteller LARRY BROWN, who tells a Father's Day story. June 13, 2014


Today Paul Pepper welcomes back our resident outer-space-enthusiast VAL GERMANN, Central Missouri Astronomical Association, who shares more planet pics and discusses why Jupiter's red spot is shrinking. June 12, 2014


Dave Mars, Columbia Water and Light

Jun 11, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and DAVE MARS, City of Columbia Water and Light, discuss ways to save you money while keeping your home energy-efficient this summer! June 11, 2014


Lorenzo Lawson, Youth Empowerment Zone

Jun 10, 2014

Today Paul Pepper sits down with LORENZO LAWSON to find out what's happening at Columbia's Youth Empowerment Zone, a non-profit organization that currently helps about about 250 at-risk youths. June 10, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and ROB CROUSE talk about Capital City Players' performance of "Les Miserables," which will feature a first for mid-Missouri! Show opens June 12. At [4:45] JENNIFER DAMPF compares milk to "imitation beverages." June is National Dairy Month, and the St. Louis District Dairy Council wants you to know why milk is "the real deal." June 9, 2014

Pet Health Tips & "The Earth Show"

Jun 6, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with CB CHASTAIN from the College of Veterinary Medicine about the many - but often overlooked - ways to keep your pets safe this summer! At [4:08] SUTU FORTE and JEANNE SZKOLKA talk about "The Earth Show", which will feature music and dance and an original ballet composition composed by Sutu and Bill Roe. June 6, 2014


Native Plants & Central Methodist University

Jun 5, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back native plant expert NADIA NAVARRETE-TINDALL, who's holding a class THIS afternoon at Lincoln University. And then at [4:16] SUSAN QUIGLEY-DUGGAN talks about Central Methodist University's version of Mozart's "The Impresario." June 5, 2014


Diana Moxon, Columbia Art League, Art in the Park

Jun 4, 2014

Today Paul Pepper sits down with the always-delightful DIANA MOXON! The 56th Art in the Park is this weekend at Stephens Lake Park in Columbia. Find out who and what will be at this year's festival! June 4, 2014


Today Paul Pepper talks to ANDREA SHELTON, City of Columbia Recycling Department, about the city's "Master Composting" class/certification happening this month. At [4:10] RICK BAKER and ADAM BECKETT share the story behind their Global First Responder program, which helps those in need of medical services around the world. June 3, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and VERA MASSEY, University of Missouri Extension, talk about feeling good with food! Three food preservation workshops start next week - watch for details. June 2, 2014

Performance from John D'Agostino

May 30, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes first-time guest, singer-songwriter JOHN D'AGOSTINO, who performs two songs, "Doesn't She Know" at [2:41], and "You Don't Have to Leave" at [5:40]. May 30, 2014

Pet Education Day

May 29, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes REBECCA JOHNSON, CHYAN PASCUA and WHISKEY (the dog), all from the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, who talk about what's happening at Pet Education Day this Saturday! May 29, 2014


Today Paul Pepper visits with CARYLN BRYAN (a.k.a Mother Superior) about Maplewood Barn's latest production of "Nunsense 2: The Sequel", opening tomorrow night! At [4:09], KATIE COUP talks about this year's Calvary Episcopal Charity Horse Show, which starts tomorrow at the Boone County Fairgrounds! May 28, 2014


CMAND & Missouri Symphony Society

May 27, 2014

Today Paul Pepper is joined by JANICE RAMBO, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, who talks about eating right on vacation. At [4:03], LILI VIANELLO breezes through the upcoming 25 concerts (in 38 days!) that are a part of Hot Summer Nights from the Missouri Symphony Society! May 27, 2014


Joan Stack, Missouri State Historical Society

May 26, 2014

Today Paul Pepper is joined by JOAN STACK, who talks about the myth surrounding Jesse James, and the "exploring American myths" exhibit on display now at the Missouri State Historical Society. Check out the bullet. May 26, 2014


Today Paul Pepper is joined by choir director MATT FELTS and ten senior members of Hickman High School's "A Cappella Singers" to perform the old and new alma mater ahead of this evening's graduation ceremony! May 23, 2014

Heather Harlan, Phoenix Programs, Inc.

May 22, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with HEATHER HARLAN, Phoenix Programs, Inc., about youth and drugs and why the minds of young people are more vulnerable. May 22, 2014