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Today Paul Pepper visits with MARK PALMER about Woodhaven's 50th year and the big celebration happening August 23rd! At [3:30] CINDY MUSTARD and HEATHER DIMITT tell us about "Countdown to Kickoff," a fundraising event that benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters! August 1, 2014


Today Paul Pepper visits with ADAM SAUNDERS, Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, about what goes on at CCUA and gardening in general. At [3:52] ADDISON MYERS and AARON KRAWITZ tell us about "Freud's Last Session," the latest production from Talking Horse Productions. July 31, 2014


Today Paul Pepper talks to VERA MASSEY, University of Missouri Extension, about eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Why is the average American getting less than a cup and a half a day when five is recommended? July 30, 2014


Today Paul Pepper meets BEN WATKINS and JOE MYERS, the guys behind "Steamworks and Shadows," a web series on YouTube produced by Brass Engine Productions! July 29, 2014


Today Paul Pepper meets EMILY HERZOG, a board certified music therapist at MU's Women's and Children's Hospital. At [4:50] LESLIE TOUZEAU tells us about "Organic Field Day," happening this Friday at Bradford Farm! July 28, 2014


Today Paul Pepper chats with RUSS SCOTT, director of Maplewood Barn's latest production, "Julius Caesar," about the show and working with material written by Shakespeare. At [4:52], WENBO ZHAO (Z), Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, returns with WHY we need to drink water. Think you know the answer? July 25, 2014


Today Paul Pepper chats with REBECCA JOHNSON, from the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction at MU, and retired Lt. Col. MIKE FAYETTE, a veteran from the Iraq War, about RCHAI's Veterans and Shelter Dogs project. July 24, 2014


Bruce Burkett, World Hepatitis C Day

Jul 23, 2014

Today Paul Pepper asks BRUCE BURKETT about the disease known as Hep C. World Hepatitis C Day is Monday July 28, the same day as the Mid-MO Health Expo at Columbia's Parkade Center. July 23, 2014


Rick Baker, Global First Responder

Jul 22, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back RICK BAKER, fresh off his trip to Jordan (with Global First Responder), to share his experience helping Syrian refugees. July 22, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and LORENZO LAWSON talk about Youth Empowerment Zone's "Summer Empowerment Camp" and the "King's Kids." (Watch for the pictures from their experience at Columbia's Urban Farm!) July 21, 2014


Storyteller Larry Brown, "Missouri Monster"

Jul 18, 2014

Today Paul Pepper sits back while local storyteller LARRY BROWN tells the true story of the 'Missouri Monster.' July 18, 2014


Maples Rep Theatre, "Big River" (Performance)

Jul 17, 2014

Today Paul Pepper invites Maples Rep Theatre to give us a sneak preview of their latest show, "Big River"! July 17, 2014

Songs:"I, Huckleberry Me" [3:32]"River in the Rain" [5:20]


League of Women Voters & Second Chance

Jul 16, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with LIZ SCHIMDT, League of Women Voters, about two events attempting to educate you, the voter, ahead of the election on August 5th! At [5:12] JOSH SAFRANSKI tells us about an adoption event (with Second Chance) happening this Friday at Columbia's Alpine Shop! July 16, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and STEFAN FREUND, Associate Professor at the MU School of Music, talk about the 2014 Mizzou International Composers Festival and the eight applicants who made the cut (out of 200+)! At [4:15] ROBIN BOWMAN joins us to share the latest from the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. Look for them at the Mid-MO Health Expo on July 28. July 15, 2014


Today Paul Pepper visits with MIRANDA CHALLEEN, from the Missouri River Communities Network. Miranda and the MRCN are looking for people to become one-year AmeriCorps volunteers! At [4:10] JOY POWELL talks about the 2014 summer repertory season at MU's Rhynsburger Theatre! July 14, 2014


Today Paul Pepper is joined by DR. DAVID NEWMAN, RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers, and his patient, JARED LONERGAN. Jared is here as an example of the positive effects hypnotherapy can have on the subconscious. July 11, 2014


Folk Musicians Cathy & Dave & Lesley (Performance)

Jul 10, 2014

Today Paul Pepper is joined by local folk musicians Cathy Barton, Dave Para and Lesley Oswald. Their performance of "River's Reach" [at 2:35] is from "Gumbo Bottoms: A Big Muddy Musical," happening this weekend at Turner Hall in Boonville. July 10, 2014


Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local storyteller Pablo, who shares the story of "The Incident at Bleeding Creek Treacle," which is based on true events. July 9, 2014


Melanie Knocke, CPS Planetarium, "Astronaut"

Jul 8, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with MELANIE KNOCKE, Director of the Columbia Public Schools Planetarium, about an opportunity for the community to see pieces of the space shuttle up close and personal! July 8, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and NICK FOSTER talk about Christmas in July, which is happening this Thursday. Plus, take a look at some pictures featured in the 2015 Voluntary Action Center calendar! At [4:36] ED HANSON returns to give us a sneak preview of "O'Keeffe," a traveling production staying put for two weeks at Talking Horse Productions. July 7, 2014


Boone County Hams (Performance)

Jul 4, 2014

It's the Fourth of July! Celebrate Independence Day with three patriotic songs performed by the Boone County Hams! July 4, 2014

The Star-Spangled Banner at 1:25 
God Bless America at 3:00 
What A Wonderful World at 6:00


Jo Manhart, Missouri Egg Council, "Deviled Eggs"

Jul 3, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back longtime guest JO MANHART, Missouri Egg Council, to share tips and secrets and actually make deviled eggs - a Fourth of July picnic favorite! July 3, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and BRAD BUCHANAN talk about "Adam's Eve," Maplewood Barn Theatre's latest production, in which the setting is our very own Columbia! At [4:08] HEATHER HARLAN stops by to remind us that July is "recovery means freedom" month at Phoenix Programs Inc., addiction specialists for Mid-Missouri. July 2, 2014


Today Paul Pepper and TIM REINBOTT talk all-things gardening, specifically tips to prevent diseases in tomatoes due to a (predicted) moist summer. At [4:04] DIANA MOXON reflects on June's Art in the Park and looks ahead to the new show, "Bountiful Boone," and their on-going summer camps. July 1, 2014


Eating Right & Weight Loss

Jun 30, 2014

Today Paul Pepper invites WENBO ZHAO, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and KEVIN SUTTMOELLER, MU Health Care, to tackle the issue of eating right and weight loss options. June 30, 2014


Joan Stack, State Historical Society, "WWI Exhibit"

Jun 27, 2014

Today Paul Pepper, JOAN STACK and JOHN KONZAL talk about the State Historical Society's World War One exhibit, which opens tomorrow (the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI). June 27, 2014

Second Chance & Bittersweet Garden Club

Jun 26, 2014

Today Paul Pepper chats with VALERIE CHAFFIN, Second Chance, about the need for volunteers to foster dogs and cats during these summer months. At [4:50] JEANNINE BRICKEY and MARCIA REED talk about the Bittersweet Garden Club's 15th Annual Garden Tour, happening this Sunday in Jefferson City! June 26, 2014

Mel Zelenak, Consumer and Travel News, "Cruising"

Jun 25, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and MEL ZELENAK attempt to save you money with tips on how to score a good deal on a cruise (tips which can be applied to any negotiation). June 25, 2014

Richard Trimmell & Cyndy Chapman, Salvation Army

Jun 24, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with MAJOR RICHARD TRIMMELL and CYNDY CHAPMAN, from Columbia's Salvation Army, about what's going on at Harbor House, which serves as a cooling center for those without shelter. Watch to find out how you can help. June 24, 2014


Margaret Tollerton and Jack Schultz, Missouri Cures

Jun 23, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with MARGARET TOLLERTON, Missouri Cures, and JACK SCHULTZ, Director of the Bond Life Sciences Center, who is also the keynote speaker at Missouri Cures' (FREE!) breakfast program tomorrow at Stadium Grill. June 23, 2014