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Rebecca Wolfson

Edamame, ed-a-mommy, eda who? Listen to a feature from Harvest Public Media on edamame production in the Midwest. Also, a first-person narrative about a failed attempt to see Missouri’s greatest birding spectacle.

Hosted By Rebecca Wolfson (Columbia, MO)


“Call of the Wild” kicks off the first part of a bear series. Follow KBIA’s Margaret Berglund as she traps bears, explains the Science behind new bear research and explores the controversy surrounding bear-hunting. Lead author of MU’s Bisphenol A study talks about the health implications of this toxic chemical found in plastics.

Hosted by Rebecca Wolfson

This week’s “Call of the Wild” features the bee, and a movement to revive native pollinator populations. A new hunger atlas tracks food insecurity in Missouri.

Rebecca Wolfson


MU Psychology professor Kennon Sheldon is the happiness guru, and talks about the keys to happiness. Also, “Call of the Wild,” a weekly segment featuring Missouri animals, debuts with a dove hunting trip.

Hosted by Rebecca Wolfson