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Latest Newscast
The latest newscast from the KBIA newsroom
CoMo Explained
CoMo Explained breaks down the big news of the day and explains how Columbia works. Hosted by Scott Pham and Ryan Famuliner. Download is available each Wednesday morning.
Views of the News
A weekly roundtable discussion about the media, featuring a panel of MU School of Journalsm
Under the Microscope
A look at health, science and technology issues this week in mid-Missouri.
Business Beat
Business issues in mid-Missouri.
Education issues in mid-Missouri.
Off the Clock
A look at the week's arts and entertainment in mid-Missouri.
Global Journalist
International journalists offer their perspectives each week on issues of import to America and the world.
Health & Wealth Desk
KBIA’s Health & Wealth Desk covers the economy and health of rural and underserved communities in Missouri and beyond. Reporter Katie Hiler produces a short weekly radio segment, as well as in-depth features and regular blog posts. The reporting desk is funded by a grant from the University of Missouri.
Radio Friends with Paul Pepper
Paul Pepper Chats with people in mid-Missouri's arts and civic life.
Thinking Out Loud
Darren Hellwege and Trevor Harris interview people of note in the Columbia community.
Discussions about community issues in mid-Missouri.
Field Notes
Each week, Harvest Public Media reporter Abbie Fentress Swanson digs deep into food, fuel and field issues through additional interviews, on-site reporting and audience feedback.