We would like to recognize the many individuals who regularly and generously support KBIA:



Berkley Hudson and Milbre Burch

Beth Alpers

Buzz and Laura Sampson

Carole M. Simon

Debra Mason

Dr. David A. Fleming and Dr. Karen E. Edison

Mike McKean

Jake and Elma Halliday

Gail and Dorothy Hughes

James P. and Kathryn R. Dalton Memory Trust

Linda Brown

Margie Sable and George Smith

Mike and Donna Deetz with the Trolley Company

Richard and Patricia Wallace

Robert and Bonnie Mullen

Steven Zweig and Susan Even

Wilson and Shari Freyermuth

Kay Evans and Ben Vineyard 

Carl and Ann Korschgen



Amy McCombs

Belinda R. Fender and Frank Engley

Bill and Judy Arnet

Byron and Beverly Scott

Charles and Jan Swaney

Chris and Peter Koukola

David and Lee Black

Dean Thomas and Alice Payne

Dr. Steven Westgate

Fred and Glenda Wyss

Gary and Elizabeth Stangler

Gary Tatlow

James and Judy Elliott

John and Bonnie Cassels

Ken and Dinah Pearson

Lynn and Patricia Hostetler

Nancy Langworthy

Paul Pepper

Ron and Judy Carter

Scott and Carla Holste

Ted and Gina Choma

William B. Fisch

Mike and Jacque Dunn

Cindy Besch Williford

John and Jacquelyn  Settlage

Robert Almony

James Todd Elliott