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The Columbia City Council held a special meeting Friday to officially introduce a potential agreement with American Airlines. The meeting was adjourned after four minutes, but the short meeting could expedite the process of Columbia Regional Airport beginning to offer flights to Chicago and Dallas. Mayor Bob McDavid says these flights would benefit MU and businesses in Columbia.

"I like to say that on the coast we’re known as ‘fly over country,'" McDavid said. "Well we want to be known as ‘fly into country.’”

Lee Jian Chung / KBIA

Story updated at 5:47pm Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Columbia Regional Airport will offer nonstop flights to and from Orlando, Florida, beginning November 20. Frontier Airlines will fly 138 passengers directly between the Columbia Regional Airport and the Orlando International Airport in Florida on the Airbus 319. Mayor Bob McDavid told reporters at a press conference Thursday that the new route will increase the airport’s passenger traffic by 27 percent.