Alzheimer's Disease

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A St. Louis nonprofit is helping those with Alzheimer's disease stay in their homes longer, a model that the founder says benefits the person with the disease while saving millions of dollars for taxpayers who often foot the bill for nursing home care.

McCaskill Concentrates on Missouri Seniors

Apr 1, 2015
Claire McCaskilll
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COLUMBIA, MO— Sen. Claire McCaskill spoke with seniors at Lenoir Woods Community Center in Columbia Tuesday afternoon as part of her journey around the state to discuss issues affecting them.

New research takes step toward catching Alzheimer's early

Jul 11, 2012

A new study led by Washington University confirms that the brains of people with a very rare, early-onset form of Alzheimer's disease begin to change long before they first show signs of dementia.

The research brings us a step closer to early diagnosis of the more common type Alzheimer's that produces symptoms after age 60.

The Missouri House is debating all 13 bills Tuesday that make up the state’s proposed budget for next year.  Lawmakers are offering up several amendments to the budget – one in particular would have shifted 150-thousand dollars from the state’s biodiesel fund to Alzheimer’s patients.  It was sponsored by Independent House Member Tracy McCreery of St. Louis County.