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The gaffe came during a discussion with New York Times columnist Jim Stewart, who was on "Squawk Box" talking about his piece dealing with corporate culture and gay executives. Co-anchor Simon Hobbs commented on what he believed to be public information, and turned out to be the opposite.  Missouri School of Journalism professors Amanda Hinnant, Jim Flink and Amy Simons discuss the issue.

The first-ever gay pride event at Fort Leonard Wood: Is it newsworthy or not?  When you know your local readership isn’t likely to respond to the story does that mean you skip covering it? Also, Matt Lauer accused of sexism, a Facebook experiment preys on your emotions, and whether a relatively common television news practice is standard operating procedure or plagiarism. From the Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Amanda Hinnant and Jim Flink: Views of the News.


U.S. Army photo

On Monday, the first-ever gay pride event was held on post at Fort Leonard Wood. Command Sgt. Major Teresa King spoke at a luncheon about her journey coming out and living openly as a gay soldier in the U.S. Army.

Some would say that this is news. It's not that long ago that such an event on an military post would have been illegal. Others say there are diversity events held all the time celebrating one group or another, and it deserved no more coverage than those do.