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Ameren Missouri Criticizes EPA Clean Power Plan

Feb 26, 2015
Ameren Missouri

A Missouri utility company remains firm in their opposition to a new EPA plan. Ameren Missouri has been vocal about their concerns with the Clean Power Plan, proposed by the EPA last summer. The plan aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 30 percent by the year 2030, but Ameren, along with other companies in the industry, are concerned with the timeline and interim targets the plan contains, along with the looming issue of power reliability.

Ameren Missouri

Ameren Corporation's nuclear plant in mid-Missouri has been shut down due to an electrical equipment failure, but the company and federal regulators say there is no risk to the public.

Updated Thursday 10:15 p.m.

The Sierra Club says Ameren has been routinely violating air quality standards at its St. Louis-area power plants.

In a Notice of Intent to Sue delivered to Ameren on Wednesday afternoon, the Sierra Club alleges the company's Labadie, Meramec, and Rush Island plants have exceeded air pollution limits almost 10,000 times since 2008.

Missouri's lone nuclear reactor remains shut down while workers and officials continue to investigate what caused a small fire at the Callaway County plant Friday night.

Ameren Missouri spokesman Cleve Reasoner said it'll be several days before the plant is back online.

Environmental groups are once again urging state officials to require groundwater monitoring at Ameren’s coal-fired power plants in eastern Missouri.

The Sierra Club and Labadie Environmental Organization submitted a letter to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on Thursday asking the state not to allow Ameren to build new coal ash landfills before testing groundwater for contamination.