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For those who follow the video game industry and its community, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian is a familiar figure. Her video series "Tropes vs Women in Video Games" analyzes how women are represented in games past and present.

Radio play: "One Helluva Gig," by Kevin R. Doyle

Oct 17, 2014

  This week on Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre, we bring you a presentation from local artist Kevin R. Doyle. We've adapted a story of his, "One Helluva Gig," for the radio show. 

Doyle is a teacher and fiction writer from central Missouri. His short stories have been published in more than 20 magazines, mainly in the horror and suspense genres. "One Helluva Gig" is his first mainstream novelette, and you can find the entire story online.

Today Paul Pepper and VAL GERMANN, Central Missouri Astronomical Association, talk about a "unique" event that's going to happen for the first time in 400 years! And, as usual, Val brings more photos of outer space. October 17, 2014.

Today Paul Pepper is joined by the Artistic Director of Maples Rep Theatre, TODD DAVISON, and the 'bingo ladies!' The ladies perform "I Still Believe in You" at [1:33] and "Gentleman Caller" at [5:09] from "Bingo: The Winning Musical," on stage now in Macon. October 16, 2014

Today Paul Pepper and DAVE MARS talk about the annual 'Sustainable Living Fair," happening this Friday and Saturday at City Hall in The District! Watch for details. October 15, 2014

The American Prize

Fans of live classical music performance have an abundance of shows to experience this fall. On this week's Thinking Out Loud  we look at a pair of upcoming performances in Mid-Missouri.

Today Paul Pepper visits with NICK FOSTER, Voluntary Action Center, about VAC's annual Christmas program. Are you interested in sponsoring a family this holiday season? Watch for details! At [4:50] ED HANSON returns with a plug for "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," which is the latest show at Talking Horse Productions! October 14, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with LORENZO LAWSON and KATHERINE WILSON, Youth Empowerment Zone, and then hears from three success stories about the impact YEZ has made on their lives. October 13, 2014

Radio Play: "The Puzzle Box"

Oct 10, 2014
Photo by Steve Jurvetson, via Flickr.

This week on Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre, we bring you a mystery, though there is not much we can tell you about the background of the story. It was published anonymously in the 1909 edition of the Lock and Key Mystery Series, and it is simply titled, "The Puzzle Box." 

Today Paul Pepper chats with RUTH O'NEILL, Heart of Missouri CASA, about 'Justice is Served, A Roast of Chris Kelly,' happening October 23. Seats are still available to this important fundraiser! At [4:48] DIANA MOXON joins us with details about this weekend's Boone County Art Show! Not to be missed! October 10, 2014

Radio play: "The Downfall of Mr. Jabez Stiffson," by George Herbert Jenkins

Oct 9, 2014

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is back with a story featuring one of our very favorite characters: the irreverent Mr. Joseph Bindle, along with his very reverent wife, Mrs. Bindle. 

This episode's Bindle adventure, written by George Herbert Jenkins, is called "The Downfall of Mr. Jabez Stiffson." 

The players

Today Paul Pepper visits with CINDY HALL about Rock Bridge Elementary's annual chicken barbecue fundraiser, now in it's 57th year! At [4:21] TODD DAVISON, Maples Rep Theatre, is back to tell us about their latest production, "BINGO: The Winning Musical." Opens tomorrow! October 9, 2014

  Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA, who perform Bob Dyer's "Jesse James" on banjo and guitar! October 8, 2014

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back ELIZABETH BRAATEN-PALMIERI to talk about a live-auction fundraiser happening this Sunday! Money raised benefits Columbia's GreenHouse Theatre Project. At [4:57] ROSE VOMUND invites everyone to the 24th annual Mature Living Festival, which takes place this Friday at Parkade Center. Are you a senior in need of advice? Don't miss this event! October 7, 2014

Today Paul Pepper visits with MU Health Care's SUSAN PEREIRA about the new 'Quick Care Clinics,' located at Columbia Hy-Vees. When should you go? We have the answer! At [4:25] BRIAN MAHIEU tells us about the Art House's 'Autumn on the Bricks' festival, happening this Saturday in Fulton! October 6, 2014

  Today Paul Pepper visits with MU Health's DR. CHOKKALINGAM SIVA about his experiment to prevent heart attacks with a drug normally used to treat arthritis. At [4:15] author MARSHA KNUDSEN talks about her book, "Sailor's Mail." October 3, 2014

This week on Thinking Out Loud, KBIA's Trevor Harris visited with staff and clients of the Columbia Center for  Urban Agriculture. The non-profit celebrates the 2014 growing season with their harvest Hootenanny this Saturday.

  Today Paul Pepper chats with ADAM SAUNDERS about this Saturday's Harvest Hootenanny fundraiser at Urban Farm in Columbia! Don't miss the meal as prepared by Brook Harlan and the Columbia Career Center. At [4:11] TIM REINBOTT returns with a pink pumpkin (aka: porcelain doll) in hand to plug the Bradford Farm Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser! October 1, 2014 (Pardon the audio! It's good information and worth listening to at least once.)

  Today Paul Pepper and KELLY SMITH talk about River City Habitat for Humanity's 90th house in Jefferson City! Would you like to help? Visit their Re-Store! At [4:55] VALERIE CHAFFIN tells us about 30 years of Second Chance and this weekend's 'Paws in the Park' fundraiser, now two days! September 30, 2014

  Today Paul Pepper chats with JEFF MORAN, first about PET, which stands for Personal Energy Transportation; and then about the next Bluegrass Gospel Worship Service at Millersburg Christian Church. At [4:37] find out all about the good the Assistance League has done after 20 years as chapter in Mid-Missouri! September 29, 2014

With the release of John Ridley’s Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side, it seems like everybody has something to say about the guitar god and Andre 3000, the rapper and actor who portrays him on the silver screen. WRITING FOR GRANTLAND, Alex Pappademus juxtaposes the two artist’s careers and, particularly, the way they stand up to audience perception. He also digs into Hendrix’s many afterlives, noting how the musician’s bio has been transmuted by appropriation and the fog of collective memory:

When you strip them of historical context, trim their legacies to three or four hit songs in a Jack-FM playlist, and slap their images on T-shirts to be sold to generations of collegiate stoners, is there really that much of a difference between Marley and Hendrix anymore? Between Hendrix and Jim Morrison? Between Morrison and Tupac? The more tragic the public figure, the more easily they lend themselves to souvenir-ification and commercialized mourning.

Meanwhile, Andre 3000 has outlived his rap group, Outkast. He is living the kind of adulthood that Hendrix might even have experienced himself: High expectations, and the possibility that he has already produced his greatest work.  

Pitch: #8 Your Old Friend

Sep 28, 2014

In 1994, Nas put out his debut album, Illmatic. There’s been a lot of fanfare for the 20th anniversary, and for good reason.

Illmatic is, in my opinion, and a lot of people’s opinion, the finest hip hop album ever been created,” says Jay Kang, science and technology editor for NEWYORKER.COM. He was a gigantic hip hop fan throughout the 1990’s. “It’s the sort of cinematic quality of Illmatic, the storytelling in Illmatic, the writing, even of hooks in Illmatic.”

For nearly 30 years, art forger Mark Landis duped dozens of museums into accepting fakes into their collections. His stunts made headlines around the world. But Mark Landis never asked for money so he never went to jail. Now his paintings and drawings are in a touring exhibition called Intent to Deceive, and he's the subject of a new documentary called Art & Craft.

Radio play: "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets," by George Bernard Shaw

Sep 26, 2014

Maplewood Barn is celebrating William Shakespeare. His 450th birthday was this year, and this episode of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is in his honor. 

In this performance, we bring you George Bernad Shaw's "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets," a Shakespearian parody. Shaw wrote it in 1910 to encourage the English royal house to build a national theatre, where his plays could be performed. You will find Shaw's plea embedded in the heart of this delightful little story.

Radio play: "At Geisenheimer's," by P.G. Wodehouse

Sep 26, 2014

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is back for the Fall 2014 season.

We begin this new season with one of our favorite authors, P.G. Wodehouse. For this episode, we've adapted a short story called "At Geisenheimer's." It is a tale of New York, and the dance clubs and speakeasies that dotted the metropolitan landscape in the early 1900's. 


The players

  • Roxy: Joy Jackson
  • Charlie Ferris: Matt Baker
  • Mrs. Ferris: Shawnda Salazar
  • Izzy: Matt Davis
  • Narrator: Byron Scott


Heather Adams, Columbia Faith & Values

Four longtime Methodist youth camps across Missouri are facing an uncertain future following the dismissal of the sites' directors.

  Today Paul Pepper visits with local storyteller PABLO about the 13th annual "Walk Back in Time," sponsored by the Audrain County Historical Society. At [4:29] BARB BRUEGGEMAN tells us about "Operation: Bugle Boy," which is a dinner in November for veterans only. Watch for more information! September 26, 2014

Is Civilization Natural?

Sep 26, 2014

So, there's the city and then there's the country, the built environment and the wilderness, nature and civilization. Whatever name the dichotomy goes by, we usually think of the world humans create and the world outside their creations as separate and unequal.

Free Rides to Roots N Blues Festival

Sep 26, 2014
Columbia Transit

More than 25,000 people are expected to attend this year's Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, which raises the question, where is everyone going to park?

The festival kicks off tomorrow at Stephens Lake Park and runs through Sunday, September 28.

This year, Roots N Blues N BBQ teamed up with COMO Connect to ease parking tensions by offering free transportation services for the festival all weekend long.

Paul Pepper: Storyteller Larry Brown, "Gallimimus"

Sep 25, 2014

  Today Paul Pepper invites back local storyteller LARRY BROWN to finish his story of the Gallimimus. Find 'part one' in our performance archives titled: Storyteller Larry Brown, "Labor Day." September 25, 2014