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True/ False Film Festival / Flickr

Organizers released the full list of films Wednesday and will announce the full schedule of events on Friday. A documentary about Pennsylvania State University will headline this year’s True/False Film Fest.

So Percussion

This Sunday, February 9 the chamber ensemble So Percussion brings their creative classical performance to Columbia's Missouri Theatre. KBIA's Trevor Harris recently asked So Percussion member Adam Sliwinski about the band's history, their repertoire and their commitment to teaching their craft to a new generation of percussion-oriented classical music students.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

This week on Thinking Out Loud, host Darren Hellwege interviews Dan Glazier from Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and Susan Lutt from Mid-Missouri Legal Services.

Listen to Thinking Out Loud each Tuesday afternoon at 6:30 on 91.3fm KBIA.

KBIA/Trevor Harris

On this week's Thinking Out Loud, KBIA's Darren Hellwege talked with organizers of the Third Goal International Film Festival. The festival is an annual one-day festival of film viewings that have the U.S.  Peace Corps as a central theme. This year's festival happens Saturday, February 1 on the MU campus.

P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves in the Springtime"

Jan 20, 2014
Original Publisher: Herbert Jenkins / Image via Wikipedia

  Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre. 

In this episode, we bring back two of our favorite literary characters: Bertie Wooster and his man, Jeeves. This production is an adaptation of "Jeeves in the Springtime," one of P.G. Wodehouse's many short stories. 


The players:

  • Bertie: Ian Buchanan
  • Jeeves: Byron Scott
  • Bingo: Terry Yates
  • Mabel: Kellie Moore
  • The elder Mr. Little: Brad Buchanan 
  • Narrator: Darren Hellwege


Pug Dog Records/Charle Powell

Negative experiences that humans live through can be evident or may be deeply buried. Music as an assistive therapy can guide healing from past traumas, help people be more productive or just relax. On this week's episode of Thinking Out Loud KBIA producer Trevor Harris visited with a pair of local musicians working in vastly different venues to heal others.

St. Louis Symphony showcases fast-rising composer, MU grad

Jan 7, 2014
St. Louis Symphony

Composer, musician and MU graduate Stephanie Berg will achieve a rare distinction when the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra performs her composition, “Ravish and Mayhem” at Powell Hall performances on Jan. 10 and 11. Berg, who is in her 20s, appears to be the youngest composer from St. Louis to have a work played by the SLSO during its subscription series.

Mat Hennik/Deutsche Grammphon

The pianist Helene Grimaud is garnering increasing attention from fans and critics. Her 2012 release, Duo, with cellist Sol Gabetta, is regularly heard on KBIA and was recently nominated for a Grammy. On her latest effort, Brahms: The Piano Concertos, the French-born pianist presents a pair of works for piano and orchestra by 19th century Romantic era composer Johannes Brahms.

Jennifer Davidson / KSMU

Joplin leaders share their stories about the 2011 tornado and the recovery efforts that followed in a newly published book.

The Joplin Globe reports the book, titled "Joplin Pays It Forward," can be downloaded for free from the city's website. It's also available from the Joplin Chamber of Commerce, and in an e-book format from Amazon.

Meredith Nicholson's "A Reversible Santa Clause," part 2

Dec 27, 2013
Image via Flickr, by Johnny Grim.

  Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre. 

In this episode, we bring you the conclusion of our two-part Christmas special based on the story "A Reversible Santa Claus," by Meredith Nicholson. (Click here for a podcast of part one.)

The players:

One family preseves the legacy of an African American town in Missouri [video]

Dec 23, 2013

Located eight miles outside of Marshall, Mo., is a church that is all that remains of Pennytown. Started by a freed slave in 1871, Pennytown was one of the only predominantly African American towns in mid-Missouri in the 20th century.  

Mel Zelenak, Consumer News

Dec 23, 2013

Paul Pepper and MEL ZELENAK talk New Year's resolutions that you can make that will save you money; tips like: pay yourself first and pay your bills last. December 23, 2013 Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark 

Maplewood Barn Christmas Special: "A Reversible Santa Claus," part 1

Dec 21, 2013
Image via Flickr, by Johnny Grim.

Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre. 

In this episode, we bring you the first installment of a two-part Christmas presentation based on the story "A Reversible Santa Claus," by Meredith Nicholson. (The second part will be aired at 6:30 p.m. on KBIA and posted online following the broadcast.)

In keeping with our tradition, the Maplewood Barn Radio Players have chosen a little-known tale by an obscure author as our Christmas present to you. We hope you enjoy it. 


The players:

Ernest Bramah's "The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage"

Dec 21, 2013
By Qualsiasi, via Flickr.

  Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre. 

In this episode, we bring you "The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage," adapted frmo a short story by Ernest Bramah. 

Mr. Bramah put a different spin on the traditional detective stories by giving his protagonist, Max Carrodos, a disability -- and this was long before the TV show "Ironsides" was ever conceived. 

Mr. Louis Carlyle, a friend of Max, runs his own private detection agency, and they often collaborate on cases. 

Stories from O. Henry's "The Gentle Grafter"

Dec 21, 2013
By Great Beyond, via Flickr.

Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre.

In this episode, we return to the early twentieth century with a few stories from one of our favorite authors, O. Henry. In his book "The Gentle Grafter," Andy Tucker and Jeff Peters are accomplished con men in the Old West. While they are close buddies and usually work well with each other in their swindles, they are often at odds over just how far to take a defraudation. Jeff was always eloquent when the ethics of his profession were under discussion, as you'll learn in the story you're about to hear. 

Stable work for the postal office ties generations to rural Mo. [video]

Dec 20, 2013

For Loretta Moss, no work was as stable or as satisfying than that of a postal carrier. 

67 year-old watches over father's farm just as he did at 18 [video]

Dec 19, 2013

Growing up on the farm his father bought in the 1950s, John Schupp would be the first to admit that there’s no better place than home.

Major Richard Trimmel, Salvation Army

Dec 19, 2013

Paul Pepper chats with MAJOR RICHARD TRIMMEL about how the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign is coming along this season. December 19, 2013 Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark 

Misdeeds, misdemeanors, miscommunications: Life lessons from MoJo commentators on KBIA

Dec 18, 2013

In this recent series of commentaries for, Missouri student journalists recount a few of life’s confusing lessons. Led by Missouri School of Journalism Professor and storytelling master Berkley Hudson, these 11 student commentators took not only pen to paper but also got in front of the microphone, to talk out these essays that touch on life, relationships, growing up and striking out, among other issues. Enjoy!

51 years of marriage bind this couple together [video]

Dec 18, 2013

After 51 years of marriage, Philip and Aleta Miller can still recall the day it all began. 

Paul Pepper talks to ADAM SCHMID about the Truman Leadership Project, a student-run, non-profit organization that promotes leadership skills - all kids in middle/high school are welcome! Also, SUTU FORTE is here; she's looking for humor writers and singers to help honor the late IRENE HASKINS.

 Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark

UFO Enthusiast Bill Wickersham

Dec 17, 2013

Paul Pepper and BILL WICKERSHAM talk about all things UFO, including how we'll be addressing this issue in 10 years. Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark
St louis
paparutzi / Flickr

A new report says the St. Louis and Kansas City areas are among nation's most generous metro regions when it comes to volunteering.

GreenHouse Theatre Project & Nina Furstenau

Dec 16, 2013

Paul Pepper welcomes back ELIZABETH BRAATEN PALMIERI, GreenHouse Theatre Project; their latest production, "C'tait la Nuit" (Twas the Night), opens Wednesday at Orr Street Studios! Also, author NINA FURSTENAU has written a food memoir, "Biting Through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America's Heartland".  Featured Artist is Maren Schenewark 


MET Orchestra

At an age when many would the considering retirement from active work, the conductor James Levine is back on the podium.

Axel Heimken / Associated Press

For decades, investigative journalists have worked tirelessly to unearth stories on government wrongdoing, corporate malfeasance, and other issues that provide a better understanding of the world around us, and hopefully, spark change. 

Odyssey Chamber Music Series

If you are a fan of classical performance, opportunities were abundant this past weekend in Columbia. Classical music patrons had performances to choose from by the Odyssey Chamber Music Series, the Missouri Symphony Societies' Holiday Home Tour, The Columbia Chorale with the Columbia Civic Orchestra and the St. Louis Symphony at the Missouri Theatre. That we should we be so rich in classical performance every weekend.

dubb nubb
Andrew Yost / KBIA

Local musicians Hannah, Delia and Amanda Rainey call their sound “Indie Twin Folk”. The three are collectively known as Dubb Nubb and they recently visited the KBIA studio to sample some tunes off of their brand new album, Wild Dreamin’, as well as a couple older tracks.

Missouri Symphony Conservatory celebrates the holidays, on KBIA

Dec 4, 2013
Courtesy of MOSS

Have you ever discovered a new hobby that suddenly and completely consumed you? Whether you meant to do it or not your new hobby demands your time and attention. It requires that you find a teacher or a mentor who can help you take your interest to the next level.

A Maplewood Barn Radio Thanksgiving Special

Nov 29, 2013
Stu Spivack / Flickr

Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre. 

This week, we bring your two Thanksgiving plays based on short stories from the early 1900s. The first is "Beetle Rings' Thanksgiving Mascot," by Sheldon C. Stoddard. The second is "Bert's Thanksgiving," by J.T. Trowbridge. 

The players:

"Beetle Ring's Thanksgiving Mascot"

  • Joe: Terry Yates
  • Nannie:  Amy Humphrey
  • Pete: Carey Butters
  • Posey: Joe Bogue
  • Skid: Darren Hellwege
  • John: Byron Scott

"Bert's Thanksgiving"