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An enigmatic governess navigates several possible romances, but what are her true motives?

Save the R&R for next weekend. This weekend is all about getting off your caboose and being active in your community. Celebrate Earth Day. Support local film, theater and art. Watch David Sedaris. Ok, he’s not a local. But, I’m sure he’d support putting off that spring cleaning for another week. Here are your excuses:

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This week: St. Louis area entrepreneur Don Robinson died last month, leaving 843 acres of land to Missouri—the same size as New York's Central Park.  And an audio postcard of a notorious outlaw's mock trial.

A mysterious governess comes to work for a wealthy family, but she is not what she seems.

Scarlett Robertson / KBIA

St. Louis area entrepreneur Don Robinson died last month, leaving 843 acres of land to Missouri—the same size as New York's Central Park

Bonnie Parker retrial

Apr 20, 2012
Lee Jian Chung / KBIA

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, one half of the bank robbing duo Bonnie and Clyde, was charged with the murder of a policeman in Grapevine, Texas in 1934. MU Law School’s Historical and Theatrical Trial Society held a mock trial for Parker, trying her under Missouri law.  KBIA’s Lee Jian Chung has this audio postcard.

Darren Hellwege / KBIA

KBIA's Darren Hellwege visits one of the smallest towns that will be part of the 40/40 project, Clark, Missouri. There may not be as much excitement as you'd find in a big city, but there are friendly people. One of them, Johnny Collie, sits on his front porch with Darren and talks about growing up in Clark and why he's still glad to call it "home".

High school artists star in Perlow-Stevens exhibit

Apr 16, 2012

Generation Next is an unusual exhibit at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery in downtown Columbia.  All pieces are coming from local high school artists.

Lunafest travels to Columbia

Apr 13, 2012
Photo courtesy of Lunafest

This week's show highlights a film festival by for and about women. Andlater in the show: an audio essay from a woman who gives a unique perspective to  kissing and being kissed.

Chelsea Turner

Sure, today's Friday the 13th, and Tax Day is next week. Who cares? Not this girl. The weekend starts today, and that’s reason enough to feel lucky. Watch a film. Shop downtown. Pick up a free tree. Here’s a list of events to ward off bad luck, or at least boredom. 

When two upper-class couples are stranded, the bidding begins for the best accommodations.

MU to conduct diversity survey

Apr 10, 2012

The Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative at MU will be conducting new research to improve the climate for diversity on campus. This new phase of the study will use an online survey to reach all members of the community. Project director Roger Worthington says this year’s study differs from past version.

MU professors discuss Martin killing

Apr 10, 2012
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University of Missouri professors from four different academic fields hosted a public discussion Monday about the February shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

ARTlandish Gallery

Whether your work week dragged on or flew by, the weekend’s arrival is cause for celebration. For those not trekking out of town for Easter weekend, visit art galleries in the North Village Arts District this Friday. Or, spend Saturday at an egg hunt or a farmer’s market. 

Down by the river

Apr 6, 2012
Scarlett Robertson / KBIA

This week we head down to the Missouri River, hear a technology-centric essay about cell phones and celebrate Easter a few days early.

Video: Tai Chi master settles down in Missouri

Apr 6, 2012
Chenfei Zhang / KBIA

Arthur Du (杜新生) was a hotel manager in Jiangsu, China. He moved to Missouri last March with his wife to accompany their son, who plans to stay in the U.S. after graduation.  Language became an obstacle for Du to continue his career in an English-speaking country, so he decided to make a living by teaching Tai Chi, which has been his hobby since he was a child.

KBIA's Darren Hellwege takes us on a visit to the seat of Moniteau County, the town of California where we hear a story of community pride, the restoration of the Finke Theatre which has gone from opera house to movie theatre and is now hosting live performances as similar theaters in other communities crumble.

Riding with the Bike Brigade

Mar 30, 2012
SFBike / Flickr

This week, we hear how one person deals with homesickness, when home is almost ten thousand miles away. But first, we hit the streets of Columbia on bikes.

The A-Frame at Les Bourgeois
Les Bourgeois

The kids might have the whole week off, but you have something better: the weekend. Soak up some sun this weekend and pretend you're on spring break, too. Visit the vineyards. Run a 5K. Adopt a new pup--anything to stay in the sun!


A-Frame Grand Re-Opening at Les Bourgeois Vineyards (Sat, 3 p.m.)

Getting what you wish for might mean the third wish is for death.  A classic tale of terror.

Hermann Tourism

Sure, the rain rain did not go away. Instead, it came again every day. But, that’s no reason to be a homebody this weekend! Treat yourself to a sausage in Hermann or visit some shows and galleries around Columbia. Just pack an umbrella and a pair of wellies (aka rain boots) in case we’re in for more Londontown showers.

Matt Veto / KBIA

This week we hit the basketball court for a story about how, sometimes, the game can take on a deeper meaning. And stay tuned till the end of the show, where we have a new Sonic ID, this time from Speaker’s Circle.

An independent career woman finds a great apartment with a view of the troubled men in her life.

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is a weekly radio drama program adapted for radio by Brad Buchanan and produced by Darren Hellwege.

Edgar I Ailor III / Courtesy of the City of Columbia

Columbia’s arts and culture crowd gathered for an arts town hall meeting Wednesday night.

The 40/40 Project: KBIA visits New Bloomfield, MO.

Mar 21, 2012


KBIA visits Lohman

Mar 21, 2012

Small towns, people say, are school and church communities.  Well, drive just 15 minutes into the countryside around Jefferson City and you'll find Lohman, a town too small to have its own school.  As a matter of culture, or default, public life revolves around the local Lutheran church in Lohman.  KBIA's Scott Pham visited that church and found a town with a strong sense of history in the face of major changes to its way of life.

Robert Swain

CoMo Weekender - St. Patrick's Day Edition ft. Roller Derby, Trains and More

The spring equinox is next week, but celebrate warm weather early. Start spending part of St. Patrick’s Day outside The District. Don’t worry, McNally’s will have those half-yard green beers upon your return. Then, round out the weekend back in town with something hot (Tango Workshop) and something heavy (BENT).

Harum Helmy / KBIA

This week, Janet Saidi sits in for Scarlett Robertson as host of Off the Clock. A week after True/False weekend, Columbia was home to another cultural spree: Independent Actors Theatre’s fourth annual short Women’s Play Festival. KBIA’s Harum Helmy brings us some highlights from the event, which featured six short plays, four different playwrights and three local directors.

Columbia parks and rec looking to add new activities

Mar 16, 2012
Andres Rueda / Flickr

Columbia’s Parks and Recreation committee wants suggestions from residents about new outdoor and indoor activities in the city.