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The 40/40 Project: KBIA visits Lohman

Mar 16, 2012
Scott Pham / KBIA

Small towns, people say, are school and church communities.  Well, drive just 15 minutes into the countryside around Jefferson City and you'll find Lohman, a town too small to have its own school.  As a matter of culture, or default, public life revolves around the local Lutheran church in Lohman.  KBIA's Scott Pham visited that church and found a town with a strong sense of history in the face of major changes to its way of life.

You wouldn’t dream what Freudian psychology can do to a happy marriage.

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is a weekly radio drama program adapted for radio by Brad Buchanan and produced by Darren Hellwege.

CoMo Weekender ft. Women, Plays and Bikes

Mar 9, 2012
Nick Schnelle

IAT's 4th Annual Short Women's Play Festival (Fri-Sun, 7 p.m.)

Get ready for another festival, and this one won’t have you standing in the Q before the show. The Independent Actors Theatre is hosting the 4th Annual Short Women’s Play Festival at The Bridge. In conjunction with Woman’s History Month, the six featured plays are new works by female playwrights from around the country.

Terence O'Malley

Kansas City may be famous for its jazz and barbeque, but it also has the dubious distinction of having had one of the best Mafias in the country.

Stitching for a cause

Mar 9, 2012
Charles Minshew/KBIA

When wounded veterans return from combat, some face challenges doing things most of us take for granted. KBIA’s Charles Minshew has this story on  a sewing group in Columbia is working to  make things a little easier.

The master of suspense takes us where the madmen run the asylum, literally.

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is a weekly radio drama program adapted for radio by Brad Buchanan and produced by Darren Hellwege.

Margaret Tollerton is with Missouri Cures. For more info please visit

Cheryl Howard and Zona Burke are with Nora Stewart Early Learning Center. For more info please visit or call 573-449-5981. 

Marva Miles is with the Columbia Daily Tribune Spelling Bee. For more info please visit or call 573-815-1542. 

Lisa Rohmiller is with the City of Columbia and she is talking about upcoming CARP classes. For more info

Todays guests are:

Laura Convery, who is with the Heart of Missouri CASA, is promoting a Mizzou Baseball and Softball Clinic. For more info please visit or call 573-442-4670.

 Anthony Alioto, who is from Columbia College, is talking about Olympic athlete Christine Brennan and also mentions about ethics in athletics. For more info please visit

Todays guests are:

Tom Sweeney, who is the Director of Bands at West Jr. High School. For info please visit or mail

James Melton, who is the Director of Choirs at West Jr. High School. For info please visit or mail

Both of them are discussing about West Jr.'s 50th Anniversary.

For further information please visit

Some Pics from the March March

Mar 3, 2012

We'll be updating our Flickr soon, but for now, click the image for some cool pics from the T/F March March!

Harum Helmy / KBIA News

What happens when four self-proclaimed parking violators get together for True/False Film Festival's annual March March Parade? They get dressed up as meter maids. The theme for this year's festival is "the influencing machine," and the four women picked parking meters as their chosen apparatuses. Ann Breidenbach, Jacquelyn Sandone, Barbie Reid and Elizabeth Bergman say they want to remind out-of-town filmgoers to watch out for parking tickets. KBIA's Harum Helmy bring us an audio postcard from this year's parade. 

“Undefeated” is the Oscar winning documentary from MU grad Dan Lindsay which will open and close True/False this year. The film  follows an underdog high school football team in North Memphis, Tenn. KBIA’s Nick Gass spoke with Lindsay about the biggest challenges the directors faced and the process that went into making the movie.

A “helpful” gossip-monger  throws sand in the cogs of a happy relationship.

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is a weekly radio drama program adapted for radio by Brad Buchanan and produced by Darren Hellwege.

Judith Mckenney is promoting the second annual "Music in the Air" concert and silent auction which is benefiting The Salvation Army. For more info please mail

 Laura Morris is with Capital City Players. She is promoting "The 39 Steps".

Documentary filmmakers, like journalists, seek to capture true stories in their work.

Dave Mars is with Columbia Water and Light. For more info please visit: 

KBIA visits Fulton

Feb 28, 2012

Fulton is a town of roughly 13,000 people, located about 20 miles east of Columbia. Some residents say that Fulton has an independent character, due in part to the presence of Westminister College and William Woods University. The town is also home to the Fulton State Hospital, and the Missouri School for the Deaf, which is the first of its kind west of the Mississippi. But Fulton is perhaps most famous for being the location Winston Churchill delivered his famous Iron Curtain speech, on the Westminister College Campus.

Watch the show and join the conversation on the Intersection website.

vagabond by nature / Flickr

One of the stranger events at T/F this year isn’t even a film. The Third Coast International Audio Festival is bringing seven audio documentaries to Columbia and “screening” them in a darkened theater. It’s called the Third Coast Breakfast Club and it’s playing Saturday at 10am in little Ragtag.

Q&A with Undefeated director Dan Lindsay, Pt. 1

Feb 24, 2012
Picture courtesy The Weinstein Company

MU grad Dan Lindsay’s Oscar nominated film, “Undefeated,” chronicles the players and coaches of an underdog high school football team in North Memphis. The documentary will open and close the True/False Film Fest next weekend. Lindsay spoke with KBIA’s Nick Gass about making the film and the chance encounter that propelled him into directing.

Renee May / Flickr

As Columbia gears up for the True/False Film Fest, this week we're giving you a preview of a few of the best things happening at this year's fest.

A classic, locked-room murder mystery solved by the legendary Doctor.

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is a weekly radio drama program adapted for radio by Brad Buchanan and produced by Darren Hellwege.

KBIA’s Darren Hellwege was surprised by New Franklin. He went out expecting to meet older folks and talk about the town’s interesting history, and the story of how it went from being “Franklin” on the river to “New Franklin” up the hill following a devastating flood.

Kjunstorm / Flickr

Visitors were quarantined briefly after two of the Kansas City Zoo's five gorillas got out of their habitat and roamed into a non-public feeding area.

Water temperatures in the mid-30’s didn’t stop people from plunging into Stephen’s Lake in Columbia on Saturday for the Polar Plunge.

Kelly Famuliner

  For major league baseball fans, this next week is an important one. Pitchers and catchers report for spring training and players at the rest of the positions follow suit in the coming weeks. But each year, hundreds of baseball fans get an even earlier start…at baseball fantasy camps. KBIA’s Ryan Famuliner is one of those people. He shares his story of a week of baseball spent in Surprise, Arizona.

KBIA visits Linn

Feb 17, 2012
Abby Klamann

When the city of Linn, Missouri celebrated its centennial anniversary last year, all eyes were on the past. The city honored its most historical locations, from the Mayor’s House—the city’s oldest continuous home—to the Thriftway Grocery Store, originally established 50 years ago. But for lifelong Linn residents like Roberta Schwinke and Mary Lou Schulte, preserving the city’s stories and treasures is a year-round effort.

His family finds that a First World War veteran is not the same young gentleman who marched off to the trenches. 

Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre is a weekly radio drama program adapted for radio by Brad Buchanan and produced by Darren Hellwege.

True/ False Film Festival / Flickr

The True/False film festival chose the movie Bully as the keystone for the festival’s True Life Fund.